November 29, 2007

Am I the only person fed up with trying to get on Campus

I live 30 miles away, which, if I take public transport means 4 buses, 2 trains and a 45minute walk, not practible, and not affordable. I use a car, 60mpg and £12 a month parking.  Any way onto campus from 08:00 onwards is a slow journey which not only is frustrating, but is time wasting and cannot be good for the local air quality or the environment with all the vehicles crammed together emmiting noxious gasses. It takes an average of 20-25 mins to do the first 26-28 miles, and another 10-15 mins to the the last 2-4 miles depending on what time I leave my house. And I have been making note of the main problems withe the congestion. I could arrive on campus at 07:30 and leave at 4:30 but I found I am not in sync with all the companies and people I work with and so that is not practible or a good use of my time. I also will not work 10-12 hour days because of local congestion, after all I do have a life!

I have made some observations and the top two reasons for the local congestion (apart from the local council's desire to start well planned road works......) are as follows:-

  1. Once near the campus the bus stops cause enourmouse congestion, why are they not built off the road?
  2. Students crossing the roads, people need to get to were they are going on any campus, so why route the cars throught the centre?

When the new bus stops were built, they could have made them off road especially on westwood, kirby corner, and on Campus. 

Is it me, am I the only one that feels something needs to be done?

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