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Petr To?ner
Software Marketing Strategist IBM Czech Republic
CEMAAS G&RM/Tivoli Marketing Manager

E-mail: petr_tosner@cz.ibm.com
Tel: +420 272 131 111
Cell: +420 737 264 062
Fax: +420 272 131 401

IBM ?eská republika, spol. s r.o.
V Parku c.or.4,c.p.2294
14800 Praha 4, Chodov, Czech Republic
IC: 14890992

About me


Born 1979, married, one beautiful daughter Victoria (2006). I live in Prague, the Czech Republic. I work in IBM since 2005. My roles are: Software Marketing Strategist for Czech Rep and CEMAAS G&RM/Tivoli Marketing Manager. My study background is IT Management (from Economics to basic software development). My hobbies are: tennis, squash, skiing, movies, music (Rolling Stones) and I adore Italian cars and motorbikes.

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