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November 01, 2006


After attending a graduate association meeting and heard Mark Childs talked about his blog, I decided to try to restart my blog. A new month and a new start I hope.

Went to see Dimitra about the SPSS data with Anca this afternoon. It took us some times before we understood my research clearly. (maybe I should improve my English!) Anyway, it turned out to be quite a good meeting. Towards the end, Dimitra told me that I’m quite ready for an upgrade now. I was glad to hear that because it’s also what I hope to do soon. However, another voice in my head said I still don’t have enough work for the upgrade. But it’s good that Dimitra mentioned it so I can take that to motivate myself.

I’ve read Mark’s blog this evening and found an interesting suggestion about writing a literature review. I understood from his message that I should not look at the whole review. On the contrary, I should focus on one topic and start writing. That’s how I can kick a start. I will try then. Now, what I think I’m going to start with is the definition of visual impairment and its classification.

Ok, that’s it. Have to try to keep myself blogging.

March 28, 2006

Models of Disability

A week after the meeting with Geoff. This time he asked me to do two things in the next meeting.

1. Write about models of disability – social and medical model.

2. Write a revised detailed proposal for my research.

Models of Disability:

1. medical or deficit model – within-child impairment, need to be fixed and given treatement/intervention in order to fit into the existing provision, run by medical-related professional rather than educational professional even in the area related to education.

2. social model – talks about barriers created by society and environment. This model does not view the child's deficit as the problem. Rather, it is the society and physical environment that cause disability.

More to read…

October 31, 2005

Use Computer for Examination

It's the end of the month again. Time flies. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. I think I am so inefficient. I didn't get much work done during the past several days. I keep on telling myself that I'll start again on the next day. And here I am again…I'll start again tomorrow. Should get myself a time table to be a little more discipline now.

Anyway, the point of this entry is not about my inefficient. I would like to talk about the article I've read today. It's the journal published in British Journal of Visual Impairment. This article talked about the computer application created to enable visual impaired students in the university to be able to take written examination rather than the oral exams they used to. The article argues how written examination could provide more objectivity, validity and reliability than those taken orally. Therefore, the application tool is used. This tool enables students with visual impairment to take examination on their computer with screenreader. All the questions will be written electronically by their teachers and they can answer them electronically. At the end of the examination the students can choose a send button to send an email of their examination paper to their tutors. This sounds very practical and easy. Wonder why this kind of thing does not have in Thailand. And if there is such a tool, will Thai screenreader be able to read Thai paper properly? Research and development is still necessary. Moreover, training students with visual impairment is even more important since from my interview with university students with visual impairment I found out that very few of them can use computer and Internet effectively.

September 27, 2005

Hair Dresser

I finally decided to become a hair dresser. (but I'm not that good) So you can see my piece of work below.

Another Year Ahead

The season is changing from summer to autumn now. It's now one year that I've been away from home (including the motnths I went back). I can't believe that I finally will finish my Master and continue on to PhD. I have another year ahead of me for my first year in MPhil/Ph.D course. There's still a long way to go but I say to myself that I'll just take it step-by-step so that I won't have to be too stressed. (well…I think today I write confusingly. My excuse is I catch a cold now and took a medicine which makes me feel dizzy) Maybe should go to sleep :P

Anyway, I have another picture to upload (actually there're two but I'll insert another one in the next entry). This one is the picture of a bear again. I got it from my friend on my birthday. (now I have a family of them in my room haha) Byt I like them a lot. Ok, see how cute it is.

September 22, 2005

Pooh Classic

Thank you very much to all my lovely friends ja. I really love this Pooh. It's so soft and cute. I'm afraid to cuddle it 'cos I might change its shape :P It was such a nice party last night. I feel really warm and forget my loneliness for a while. Thanks so much ka.

Fully Grown Grass

Here's my fully grown grass as per your request. You can see how it has grown from those pictures I'd posted earlier. Hope you like it :D

September 01, 2005

Day 6

This picture was taken just now. Today's the 6th day since the start.

My Grass

I'm now growing a new plant (beside my old basil). This one is not edible. I just grow it for leisure. P Oak asked P Pui to bring it along when she went back to Thailand last month. At first, I was a little bit nervous whether I'll succeed in growing it. Anyway, after 6 days, the grass is now sprouting out. The instruction said that I'll be able to design the hair style of this head so I hope it'll grow perfectly until I can do something with it.

August 28, 2005

Lazy Me!

Oh my God! What a person I am. I'm so lazy to do my work! Many of my friends had already submitted their dissertation. But here I am, still do nothing productive. Anyway, I'll have to finish all the corrections before 10 September. I have less than 14 days now. Moreover, I'll have to pack all my belongings and move to stay somewhere else for a wekk before coming back to my own room after one week. Many works awaiing me.

But what I'm going to do now is to post a new picture I'd just got from my friend. It's the picture taken on our day out at Warwick castle. This picture shows while we were climbing up the stairs to get to the tower.

August 24, 2005

Back to Work

Yesterday I had a meeting with my supervisor almost 2 hours! Can't believe it. I was so tired after the meeting until I give myself an excuse to resume my work today. However, my enginge is not yet fully heated. My pace is still slow. I'll try to warm up more.

Nothing is easy at all. To finish the first draft was not easy and I think to make corrections will not be easy as well. Have to try harder.

August 22, 2005

Try Out

What am I doing right now. I should be reading through my draft once again before I'll meet my supervisor tomorrow. But I just give myself an excuse that I'd read and made notes to ask her already so I shouldn't have any problem. Therefore, I'm here trying to experiment putting an image on to my entry (not just put them into my galleries). I saw my friend did it on her blog. I then realised that I can try this out too. Nothing really interesting about this picture. It's just a basil I grow and eat. I took this picture myself some times ago. Let's see whether I'll succeed with the image insertion.

Day Out at Warwick Castle

Yesterday my friends and I went to Warwick Castle. We were lucky that the weather was so good. It was sunny all day so it was very perfect for our day out.

Warwick Castle is a medieval castle. It was built in 1086 (almost a thousand years now). We went there by Stage coach no. X1 which runs only during summer time.

After buying each person a ticket, we went inside the castle ground. There were so many activities and shows happening around the castle. We decided to see some shows first for the morning and we went into the castle in the afternoon. Warwcik Castle had many towers so we went up there to see the scenery. I climbed endless spiral staircases. It was fun although it was also very tiring. The stairs were so narrow and dark. Can't imagine how people in those days climb these stairs. I expect that they should have a bigger figure than us Thai people who are smaller built. Anyway, everybody was so interested to climb up and experience for ourselves at the top of the towers.

Then we went down to the ground and went down the dungeon to see all the things they had to show us. We saw people producing weapons preparing for war, their daily living, etc. After that we went to see some more rooms inside the castle. By this time we were already so tired although there're so many places left to be seen. We decided to go to Victorian rose garden for our last place and then came back outside. I needed to catch a bus back to my accommodation before there was no bus. So I boarded a bus at 5.05. This was my first journey alone on the bus in England. I was a little bit nervous but the driver was helpful. He told me when we reached the bus stop I had to get off. So I arrived back safely, very tiring but also very enjoy my day out in such a sunny day.

August 19, 2005

Accidentally Found Out

Follow-up to In LA 2 Years Ago from Pomme

How strange to find out my friend's page on google search. She had never told me she had put our pictures onto her web. I accidentally found it out today while I searched on google for my name (so free until don't know what to do!).

In LA 2 Years Ago

Writing about web page http://www.csun.edu/~nk51526/Octpics.htm

My friends and I in LA.

Almost Set Fire Alarm!

Yesterday I almost set fire alarm! The reason is because I went into the kitchen to cook my lunch. I didn't see that the plug of the kettle was lying on the cooker. I lighted the cooker and put my pot down for my pasta sauce. Then, I started to smell something strange. It's not the smell of my olive oil – so what is it? Luckily that I decided to turn the cooker off first and tried to find where that smell came from. I found out with horror that I'd burned part of the cable of the plug!!! What if I didn't suspect anything and continue to cook? What if the switch on the kettle was on? Oh, I don't want to imagine! Anyway, I was lucky that I didn't get myself hurt and didn't set fire alarm. As a consequence, the officers came to replace a new kettle for our kitchen and rearrange the location of the kettle away from the cooker so that it won't happen again in the future as well as for the safety sake.


I have not done anything at all this week except relax! I give myself an excuse that I'd already submitted the first draft and I shall wait for the reply from my supervisor before I restart my work again. Actually, I still have some more things to do but you know..just can't get start with it. How bad I am. Anyway, I promise myself that I'll start as soon as my supervisor get back to me with her feedback and prepare myself to have a meeting with her. Therefore, I try to relax myself a little before picking up stress to hold again.

Talking about stress, I like one email my colleague sent me some times ago about stress management. I think the article in thee is very good and give me "gold". I can interpret it as follow:

"Small things can bring you a lot of stress if you never put them down and give yourself a break. Hence, the way to manage your stress is that know when to hold stress and when to put it down and rest for a while before holding it up again. In this way, you'll not have a nervous breakdown."

Guess I interpret it correctly. Anyway, from this email, I'm now putting my stress down for a while before I'll pick it up again next week. Is it my excuse to do nothing at all???

August 14, 2005

A Wet Day in Cambridge

Yesterday I went to Cambridge with my friend. I'd waited for this trip for over a month. We boarded a coach from the campus. It took us around 2 hours to reach our destination. The weather was lovely with sunshine and cool breeze.

We first went to the Tourist Information to check about places we should visit. Anyway, we ended up joining a walking tour which was quite good. Our guide gave us a lot of information. Now I understand how the college system at Cambridge works (although not throughly but better than before). Our first stop was King's College which the guide told us, it was built by King Henry VI and took almost a hundred year to finish. We then went to different colleges until the tour ended. By that time we were starving. So Noon and I decided to go for McDonald because we were in a hurry to team up with Lek and her friends for a punting trip.

It was not very good in the afternoon because it started to rain. We had to hold umbrellas while we were on the boat. The umbrellas obscured all the view. :( Anyway, we managed to find some fun at last by shouting at one another to throw the umbreall away when someone sit on the opposite side saw a beautiful scene good for photographs. Our punter name is "Rosy" She's very kind. She turned our boat back when Noon ask her because she wanted to take a good picture at the King's college (the same scene we saw in the Korean movie called "All About Eve" – our favourite and our inspiration to come to Cambridge). It happened that we were on the same boat with some Korean students. So we had a bit of chat about that.

After the boat trip, Noon seperated from te rest of us to do some shopping. I joined Lek and her group to walk to places we saw on the boat and took some pictures. Then we met up with Noon again and walked back to our coach soaked. The coach left at 6 and headed back to Warwick. The sun just found its way out from the cloud during this time!

Such a tired but with good experiences trip.

August 10, 2005

Braille Production Process

While I searched for information to be used in my dissertation today, I came across the web sites of National Braille Press (where I ordered Harry Potter) and American Foundation of the Blind. The information I found on these 2 web sites this time is about the process of braille production. However, their process seem very complicated than the process I had experience in my work in Thailand. This leads to the thinking whether the quality of braille production in Thailand is really up to the standard? Nevertheless, we also produced good braille books as well. So maybe we should stick to the old simpler way? But I'm not sure that our textbooks are that good anyway. Especially those texts with various tables and graphics. I wish I would have a chance to go and have a tour in these organisations one day so I can understand them better.

August 09, 2005

Poor Me :P

I'd uploaded photos I took with my friends. There's one picture I was not sure who she is (due to the poor vision I have). So I ended up mix her with another friend. Thanks for telling me that.