September 24, 2012

Task 2: Behaviour for Learning

Behind all this is a level of professionalism.

All teachers need to be professional in their actions in the classroom and around the school. The pupils must see these actions regularly and understand that this is the correct way to behave.

Staff must wear suitable clothing at all times. As a man I feel that by wearing a shirt and tie and possibly a suite has a very positive impact upon the young men in the school. They see the teachers looking respectable and professional and especially if you have a good working relationship with your pupils they will look up to you as their teacher and they will want to follow your lead.

Again professionalism... and lead by example. Teachers must at all times be aware of what they are saying on the school premises and in social areas in which they might be overheard. Teachers must not use bad language and swear words in front of and especially not at any pupils, parents or members of staff. Pupils will again follow the lead of the teacher hopefully.

In both areas mentioned teachers must stay consistent with praise and punishment. Pupils often have a strong sense of fairness and will soon tell you if they feel you have treated them unfairly and this may lead to further disruption of your lesson.

Creating good non-verbal communication can be important also. Sometimes teachers do not have to say anything when controlling a lesson. Sometimes it can be the unspoken gesture to someone not following the rules which can be more effective. There are times when saying something can disrupt the lesson and cause unecessary confrontation within the lesson.

Being a professional with the pupils in your behaviour to them and your behaviour towards adults and other teachers sets a brilliant example for the pupils to follow. Young make pupils often need strong male role models as teachers and I believe this can really help encourage good behaviour in schools and classrooms.

Thank you for reading. This is my first attempt at blogging.

Peter M

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