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April 02, 2005

The protaganist is slightly annoyed

It's funny* how the mind makes connections that aren't there.

It has occured to me afore, and again recently, that I become uncharacteristically popular whene'er I become busy. People seem to want to talk to me more when I really should be doing something else. Is this something built into the universe? When I starting trying to do something that would render me unable to talk for some amount of time, be it revision, a film, playing guitar, or one of innumerable things, does this set in motion unseen cogs down at the very limit of the universe, beneath the Planck scale? Vibrations that emainate from my cerebal centre that propagate and cause people to have an irrepressible urge to communicate with me? I play a game for an hour, and someone I want desperatly to talk to comes online for the only time in a month, and is gone when I can talk. This must be proof! The universe moves 'gainst me! The entirety of creation, the eternity of the cosmos, the infiinity of time, the whole of Hegel's Idea exists only to cause me somewhere betwixt mild annoyance, and frustration?


Not even as a little side-project.

It's a coincidence. But our minds aren't built like that. That's why clouds often look like animals or objects. The human brain is built to recognise patterns. Hence, wallpaper.

*anything that starts "It's funny..." then introduces something entirely without humour. This is a universal law.

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