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March 28, 2005


Just heard the secret track at the end of "Open Your Mind" by The Music – way fuckin' cool. If only the rest of the album was like that.

Disclaimer: If you are offended by swearing, mayhaps you should grow up.

A couple of vague album reviews

My sister and her boyfriend came up this weekend, and they brought me some albums: Kasbian -Self-titled; Muse - Absolution; The Music - Welcome to the North; and I thought I'd post some form of mini-review on here. These three bands aren't my usual fare, I can't even think of a single song by The Music. I think Muse are alright - they've got some good songs at least; and Kasabian, I had only previously heard L.S.F., which I like immensely (In fact, I played it last time I DJ'ed at the Colly). Please bear in mind that a) this is pretty subjective, b) I've only listened to the albums once or twice, and c) I don't really do words, in general.

  • First up then, Kasabian. I was slightly disappointed with the album as a whole, it seems somewhat lacking. The songs are just a fraction away from being awesome, which is sometimes worse than just being bad – this could be an amazing album, but as a whole, it just doesn't have that punch in the vocals and bass that L.S.F. has. Possibly I wasn't playing the album loud enough. It'll probably get better the more I listen to it. Kasabian have a pretty unique sound, blending the recent trend of using synth guitar effects (The Killers esp., but also Muse, Kaiser Chiefs, etc.) with much darker overtones. Memorable songs: Reason Is Treason, L.S.F. (as if you didn't already know…), Butcher Blues, Ovary Stripe.

  • Muse now, for those still here. Having not really ever got into the previous Muse albums, I approached this one with a slight worry that I would find it mediocre as with Origin Of Symmetry and Showbiz. I had, however, already heard a few songs off it which I quite enjoyed, especially Hysteria (absolutely fuckin' A, I always turn this up loud when I listen to it). I think I can safely say after a few more listen-throughs, I will really like this album. Stockholm Syndrome has grown on me; I had only like the bridge and intro to it, and felt that the verse just was sub-par. Memorable songs: Time Is Running Out, Stockholm Syndrome, Hysteria, Endlessly.

  • The Music. Um. Easy Listening. Non-offensive. Not bad, but not something I'll be raving about either. Memorable songs: Bleed from Within and Breakin' kinda stick in your head…

That's it. If you want actual music reviews worth reading, go here: we want the airwaves back

Also, for those in the know, songs I have been learning:
Wish You Were Here, Time, Bike, Bombtrack, Sink Venice, Time Honoured Tradition, Born To Be A Dancer, and everything by Marcy Playground

March 22, 2005

Part two, where the protagonist visits the dentist

I came to with a bright light shining in my eyes. I tried to talk, but my mouth felt like it was full of metal. A face came into view, a face I recognised, but I couldn't quite place it. I seem to remember the last time I saw it, it being surrounded by a mane of golden hair; now those locks had gone. The face seemed to be talking in code, reeling off a list of numbers to an aide as thin mechanical fingers probed my mouth

"2, 4, 5, 5, 4, 2, 7, air"

Suddenly, he forced a kind of hose into my mouth, and blasted my teeth with compressed air. I fought an urge to run, knowing that before I got to the door, I would be dead.

"7 watch."

The aide suddenly got up and left the room, as a strange machine was brought into proximity with the side of my face. Risking a look, I saw that on the end of this machine, was a long hollow plastic tube, one face open, reminscent of the barrel of a gun. A piece of flat metal on the end of a plastic stick was forced into my mouth, and I was told to brace myself. The body the face was attached to walked into my field of vision, I saw it was dressed in a white lab coat, and made it's way to a panel on the wall. The man picked up some kind of control attached to the panel by a wire, and moved so as be as far away from the contraption pointed at my head as possible.

He pressed a button, and the room was filled with a loud high-pitched whine. The room plunged into absolute darkness as my head filled with searing pain.

Turns out, I need a filling.

March 20, 2005

Entry the first

I suppose I should come up with some kind of witty, eloquent introduction, but that would require effort. To those who know me, I need no introduction; to those who don't, um… [insert your own joke here].

For those still here, hoping mayhaps to catch a glimpse of my inner workings, I'm afraid you're in for a bit of a disappointment as this blog will be updated infrequently, and with contradictory and misleading statements. Or not. Or both. Or all three*. Instead, this blog may or may not contain traces of spotaneous musings and/or ramblings and rants. Already, I have confused myself. Until next time, I leave you with this to digest:

Top five bands of the week:

  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • Biffy Clyro
  • Modest Mouse
  • Kaiser Chiefs
  • Marcy Playground

This list is subject to change in half an hour.

*for those in the know, award yourself two points.

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