April 23, 2009

Definition of leadership

Writing about web page leadership

What is the leadership?


During our first mini project "Definition of leadership" I came up with my own definition as:

Leadership is art of individual to mobilize the activities or thoughts of group to achieve goal above compliance.

Firstly, why is the art? Art is the superior skill of human being. Art is the skill that you can learn by study and practice (wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn). There is various styles of leadership, as the skills of leading is different. Individual with superior skills of leading can mobilize and influence activities or thoughts of group to achieve goals. Successful leadership style can be determined when followers strive to achieve shared goals "above compliance".

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  1. Well, don’t you think Perizat that although the art can be learned by study and practice, but it needs the talent to be there at the beginning, and that’s why we used in our group the term “art”... I believe the person needs to have the vasic talents and he/she can build on them and improve them. Just like playing the piano, you need both the talent and the education to be a very good pianist

    23 Apr 2009, 17:41

  2. Yes, Jeries, I agree with you. Talent is important too.

    I take the view that for talented person being leader may be easier than for “untalented” person. As you give me example, may I share with you another one? If so, have a read, please:

    The genius consists of 99 % of work and only 1 % of inspiration.

    Although, talent is important, I believe that everyone can if wishes to learn and practice to be a leader :)

    23 Apr 2009, 19:27

  3. I think I agree with you Peri… but is it enough to be a leader? Or when we are speaking about leaders, we should have in mind THE LEADERS?

    Do you play the Piano?
    If not.. would you say that you would be a very good player if you practice for 20 years every day??

    I think yes..!! You are very smart so you would be an excellent pianist..!!!

    ...but.. could you become the new Mozart??

    25 Apr 2009, 19:24

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