April 29, 2009

Actions not words!


I have now  realized that leader is the person who REFLECT VISIION OF SOCIETY DREAMS AND VALUES OF SOCIETY. We have had tendency to interpret leader from prospect of leader in group. If we go broader and diminish borders of group we will find the life with real people, with real life situations, where you will not be given "notes". Here we play in "safe environment". What is the recipe for successful leadership in real life? I was thinking about this during seminars and after. I remembered history. I remembered significant figures of past. I found that nowadays people remember them and respect them because that persons were leaders. They were leaders with hot heart and high intelligence. They Challenged environment and rules and intended to create new vision and environment which were dreamed by society. "Real leader"  does not want to seek for praise and status, Leader seeks for creating "the best" environment for people. Only highly intelligent person with "alive heart" can lead society towards to possibilities of life. I belive that this kind of leaders works hard and continously improve themselves and find the ways for people hearts through their actions not words. Word has power when they come from individual who justified his credibililty by "real" actions. Things will not be done with words, they will be done by actions.

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  1. Sue

    Did anyone notice on “The Apprentice” last night that the guy from Durham had a really nice body. Everything else about him seems to be pretty obnoxious and I was only able to notice it because he’d just got up and hadn’t opened his mouth yet.

    30 Apr 2009, 07:39

  2. Sue

    I think we tend to do this with people, we have them “summed up” in our minds-eye. That’s why I would like my own blog to be able to see myself differently, I think that’s very important. to notice things about yourself that you haven’t seen before. The strengthened ability to see ourselves in a different way gives us more choice and more options.

    As R D Laing said “The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice; and because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there’s little that we can do to change, until we notice how failing to notice changes our thoughts and deeds.” Marcel Proust put it in a more concise way when he said “The true journey of discovery does not consist of searching for new landscapes, but in having “new eyes’.”

    30 Apr 2009, 08:20

  3. Sue

    I would love to be able to accumulate all my thoughts about life here and present it in my own blog format. I’d be quite happy for it to be a one-off exercise. I haven’t got anything prepared, that would only come if the go-ahead was given, until then, I find it hard to imagine what it would look like.

    30 Apr 2009, 08:24

  4. Sue

    I’ve always had this doctrine in my life which says that it’s easy not to make mistakes if you don’t do anything, meaning it’s better to take chances sometimes, and I’ve often said this out loud. Wayne Gretzky says it better than me when he says “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

    30 Apr 2009, 08:43

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