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April 30, 2009

Reply for Sue's Comments

Reply for Sue's Comments on previous entry: Actions not Words!

Hello Sue,

Sue, you make me laugh with your comment number 1. Very skilful point against my thoughts! Thank you. But, what do I mean is that from my personal experience, some people talks a lot, even can draw draft of beautiful and reassuring picture of future actions. But when time to realize that actions comes, you understand that it was only messy draft with beautiful words, and any attempts to convert this draft into feasible picture not taken.

When people around you, the life of who are important for you, understand logic of your actions and understand that your actions reflect their vision and their values, then they become with you. They start listening you. I do not argue that individual should not speak out; I believe that actions should outweigh words (concerning comment 1).

Yes, you are right Sue, (concerning comment 2), it is very useful to explore yourself from different sides and see what kind of person you are. Significant person in Kazakh literature, writer and great thinker, Abai Kunanbayev, told “every night before going to sleep you should analyze and report yourself what did you do today”. May be I cannot interpret his message in right way, but it means for me, that individual should analyze his action and be strict with himself in order to improve and be better than today. Day ends and you should learn from each day, you should explore yourself as individual. Every day gives you an enormous chance and possibility; you should be just open and ready to accept them. What is the link between these consideration and leadership? I believe that life is learning, and successful leader has to improve himself everyday. There is no limit for perfection. The best way to improve as individual is to assess yourself and critically examine you behavior and actions at the end of the day. Again, coming back to previous comment (number 1), I want to reflect again: words not actions. I may naturally resist to share my own “report” with world, because it is very personal and I may be want to reflect improvements as individual nor verbally, not by writing, but by my actions.

Develop yourself

Sue, unfortunately, I can not access your blog to explore your thoughts about life and experiences (concerning your comment 3).

Finally, (concerning comment 4) I think “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” justifies itself in hockey world. Bit in world, can individual afford himself mistakes that are too costly? Of course, at least you will have experience and gain some lessons and may be perform better in next time. But what if the cost for that mistake is very high? What if the cost counts with invaluable unit as human live? Can we afford such actions? Maybe answer is yes, when you know what you are doing and believe that the possible results worse to do it. Live is action and it is worthwhile to act and try. Try with High intelligence, Hot heart, and Brave heart.

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