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April 22, 2009

Three days left

Writing about web page leader team building


I have never had my own blog. This is opportunity to share my ideas and the way I perceive the world. Exciting experiment!

Three days left since the beginning of module "Leadership and Excellence". Three days left since I created but have not typed some ideas in my blog. Ok, let me have a chance to do it!

Monday "Am I building the team?"

I really enjoyed the team building exercises, especially with making giraffe from newspapers. The purpose of team building, from my point of view, is to help members to get to know each other better. In friendly and funny atmosphere, I believe, it is easier to establish sense of group belonging. Also it is valuable experience as you can see your peer as not just “serious” student, but from funny, lively and interesting individual.

However, it does not happen always as it sounds. Although there was not appointed leader for these exercises, ideas how to tackle problems were generated randomly. I have noted that some members of our group were more initiative, whereas others were not. Those individuals, who were initiative, seem to have experiences and intentions to lead and direct group toward goals. I wonder how any conflicts were not happening, as more than one potential leader exists in one group. Possible answers are:

1. Although there was more that one potential leader for team building exercise, they have common goals and shared ways how to tackle the problem. Thus helped to work in synergy.

2. Maybe time constraints and “artificial” environment (not real world) make each of them to relax and support each other without demonstrating any conflicts in decisions.

I believe that in real life situation there are often more than one potential leader. There can not be more than one leader in a group. For example, in wild world, lions have only one leader who lead his tribe, it has to fight in order to take such responsibility: the strongest lion is a leader.

Lets come back to human world. I believe that in case of several potential leaders emerging in one group (society, country, etc.) leaders may confront to each others view and hence split the entire group. In case of common vision and shared goals of individuals, only one leader can emerge, the leader who are trusted and believed to lead in most efficient way. I believe that the last case is possible when personal characteristics of individuals and interests go far from own self-interest, when individuals acknowledge that it does not matter who lead provided that the end goal and shared vision will be achieved.

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