July 26, 2006

Journalism Schmernalism

With millions of blogs out there on the web, I've always wondered if anyone actually reads them. When news days are light the media churns out the odd story about a homeless persons'/whistleblower blog etc catching the eye of a publishing or film company, but in reality the chances of your blog elevating you to the position of the next JK Rowling is as likely as you becoming a supermodel (unless you happen to be called Kate Moss and your blog is spilling the beans on your wild lifestyle).

Which was why, after I published my first blog entry, I was astonished to receive a reply to my 'technorati ping' musing from someone I don't know. Thanks, Helen Ryan, for educating me on all things ping.

In my job as Web Editor at NAGTY, my very small contribution to the world of journalism consists of news stories for the website on all things to do with gifted and talented education. Whilst I'm typing away into the CMS on the Warwick Uni Science Park, people all over the world can read NAGTY's official papers and press releases. But they won't know – or care two hoots for that matter – who I am or what I actually think about the subject.

The spread of blogging's appeal is down to its ability to let everyone be 'journalists' and tell the world what they think and how they feel. Even if they only want to write about what they're having for their tea and how they feel about last night's episode of Lost on the telly. Journalism schmernalism – you don't have to be Kate Adie anymore to have your opinion published. Yes, some blogging is totally frivolous but others gives ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances – such as people caught up in the 7/7 attacks or in the current Israeli/Lebananon conflict – a chance to have their voice heard. Even if there are only a handful of people listening.

I set up my blog after reading my friend Rach's blog. Read her blog here. I really enjoy reading about her cat Apple's antics. Apart from Helen - the person I do not know TM – Rach is the total sum of my readership. Cheers for the reply Rach – I agree the green is dodgy but haven't figured out how to change it. Maybe someone I don't know can illuminate me??

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  1. Admin button found. Blog now pink.

    26 Jul 2006, 12:48

  2. Steve Gardner

    Increase that reader count to 3. I'm starting a new job with NAGTY in September, and came across this whilst looking over the Warwick site.
    In my case the blogs are a nice way to find out a bit about where I'm going to be working, to get a different view point which is a more informal than on the main corporate sites. I think I may well be working with you in September – so look forward to meeting you then.

    31 Jul 2006, 12:44

  3. floosy


    03 Aug 2006, 01:09

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