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January 27, 2010

beginning of the blog

This is my first time to use the warwick blog. I tried several times to register a blog and finally get here. Congratulations to myself!

I was thinking of the business ideas for the past few days, but none of them enlightened my mind. I think I should need more time to  find a truely creative one. The following one is one of the ideas that I came up with several days ago.

Actually, I was considering to set up a news story website, on which everyone could contribute to and send their own news stories or the news staffes they think to be worth wactching or reading. We don not need serious news reports about national leaders and polictical movements. All we want is the interesting news stories that happen around you and in your community. I am planning to sign contracts with different news agencies, broadcasting companies, radio stations, TV stations, newspapers and magazine, and ask them to buy the staffes on my news website. The website could be entitled with the name as Yournews (sounds like YAO NIU in Chinese, which means going to be great). People could contribute photoes, written news stories, video segments and other materials.

I am considering the feasibility of the idea and may come up with more detailed plan later.

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