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September 28, 2005

One Minute

Isn't it funny how time seems to slip away so fast
One minute you're happy, the other you're sad...

September 27, 2005

How nice..

How nice it is that …
… I am finally cured of my jet lag! No lectures today and have been lazying around in my room. Doing sudoku and reading blogs.
… I have met the one flat-mate that I don’t know. I never get to see him, maybe cause I have been in bed most of the time. He is a vegan. How crazy that there are 3 vegetarians in my flat. It is nice to know that there are like minded people around. My mum still thinks I am weird to not eat meat.
… And the rest of my flat-mates are just wonderful people that I got to know from Badminton Club. It is really great to share a flat with them. Hope this year will be a great year for everyone in this flat.
… Met up with Yvonne for tea. It is good to see her but she had to rush off for some meeting but never mind will see her at Rev tonight.
… Oh ya and there is Rev tonight… how nice is today… never mind that I got drenched in the rain again and I filled my driving license form wrongly… today is nice..

September 26, 2005

Being Away..

… from home once more.
After a month of chill out life at home, it feels weird to be back. Trying to get used to student life once more.

I am thoroughly exhausted from the 13 hour flight.

When I got to Rootes at 8am yesterday, they told me I could only get my keys from Claycroft at 9.30am. After much waiting, the sub-warden wanted a passport photo which I didn't have after much rummaging through my bags and boxes. Oh well, I tried to argue that I was not informed that photo were needed to get the keys but no, no I had to get the photo otherwise no keys. So, off I went to Tesco to get photos. Stupidly went into the photo booth without change. Went to get some apples to get some loose change. Next I had to wait ages for the photos. Finally I got my keys. Did some food shopping, upacked and showered, ready to go to church in the evening. Next came the rain as I walked to church. Headache followed and it has been pounding all day today.

Feeling extremely jet lag. We got the furthest flat in Claycroft. ok maybe I should stop complaining.
I love my cosy room. It has got a phone. How wonderful! And a big big notice board.
Enough said, going to jump into bed now and pray my headache goes away and tommorow a better day.

September 20, 2005


"Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long, intricate intimate dance together.."- Amy Bloom

" Love is not blind – It sees more and not less,
but because it sees more it is willing to see less."- Will Moss

I felt so happy to see my cousin so happy and lovely at her wedding.
I felt the fuzzy fuzzy feeling when my uncle saves food for my dad.
I feel so happy just seeing my brother laughing.
I feel the fuzzy fuzzy feeling just being surrounded by my family.

The trip to Singapore was a pretty rush one. Time just passed by so quickly with the trafic at the causeway, getting lost at the expressway and I guess when one is enjoying oneself time just slip by so very quickly.

September 15, 2005

Compassion For All That Breaths

A few weeks before I left UK for home, I had lunch with some friends at a Thai restaurant in Leamington. Somehow, everyone made a big deal of me being a vegetarian and kept serving me with whatever veggie that they could find from the dishes of the set menu that we ordered, which was mostly meaty dishes. In the end, my plate was full of veggie, even the carrots that was used to garnish the dishes. I had hell a lot of carrots that day!
I am not a very strict vegetarian. I believe doing things in moderation. I don’t mind eating veggies that are cooked with meat. I just pick out the veggies to eat if I have to.

How it all happened…
Perhaps all along, I always knew I had to be a vegetarian.
When I was 7, I remember refusing to eat the meal that grandma prepared. It was rice porridge with pork. I told her I didn’t want to eat the poor pigs that were killed. Of course I got scolded for being rude and naughty.
A few years after that, I remember going to a wedding dinner. We were served a dish known as ‘Suckling Piglet’. I felt sick and disgusted to learn that the piglet was slaughtered even though it was still a wee baby feeding on her mother’s milk.
When I was in college, I decided to abstain from meat during Lent time. It was a boarding college where food was prepared for us. I did not crave for meat at all. After Easter, I continued to not eat meat. Mum was upset when I told her I wanted to be a vegetarian. A friend advised me not to quarrel with mum over this. I am thankful I listened to my friend because after all mum’s strong objection was out of her love and concern that I might not be getting enough nutrients. So, I tried not to eat meat when I am in college and when at home I would eat a little if mum pester me to.
I hardly ate any meat these days. Mum accepts it better now after making me promise to eat fish occasionally for protein. Now I try not to eat meat and occasionally if I have to I will eat some fish just to keep my promise.

I felt an urge to jot all these down after reading a book on Vegetarianism by Graeme Stephen. I am doing this not to convert people to become vegetarian but to share my experience and also what I learnt from reading the book. This is one of the hardest book I have ever read. The reality of how cruel humans are to animals is just so hard to comprehend. I am not going to repeat the gory details of how animals are treated as in the book but to share my feelings after reading the book.

Why O why ??
This is the so often asked question I get from people.
My answer is always the same – I believe that we can survive and live without eating meat. After reading the book, I realized that I am doing this because of compassion. The book highlighted the tremendous suffering that animal had to go through in farms.
Since I was a kid, I never believed in the picture book illustrations of happy cows, fluffy yellow chicks and pink pigs with curly tails in Old Mc Donald’s farm. I always thought farms were evil places where animals are killed. Animals are reared in cruelty and are shot before being slaughtered.
I am not much of an animal lover but I believe all living beings should be treated with kindness. Perhaps one way to that is to be a vegetarian where non-harm to animals is the fundamental concept.

Plants are living too. Aren’t vegetarians inconsistent?
This is another question I often get. I always answer ‘Plants and animals are different.’
Below I quote from the book :
“ I believe that we instinctively recognize that plants are of a different order from animals. I doubt many who employ the above argument would really feel the same seeing a carrot pulled out of the ground and eaten as they would seeing a lamb having its throat cut.”

Lasly, I quote Stephen’s concluding words “May we all strive to live in love and compassion towards all that lives.”

September 12, 2005

How Can I Ever Forget

Will be flying back to UK next Saturday!! It will be my final year. Crazy as it sounds; I am actually quite excited and look forward to my final year.

I remember the day when I said goodbye to my family at the airport 2 years ago. I did not cry because I was so happy and excited. Maybe I did shed a tear but definitely no crying.

I remember breaking down in front of the cleaner in the kitchen. I don’t know what got into me. She asked me about my family at home and tears just start to fall and I went into an uncontrollable crying. I was still ill that time and the next day, she left me an extra blanket and a bouquet of flowers.

I remember crying on the phone when I called my uncle in London. He asked me if I missed home and I started crying like a silly girl.

I remember spending my first Christmas in London with Uncle Jo, Natasha and Grace. It was my first Christmas away from home. It was a very good Christmas and I was already feeling less homesick then.

I will never forget the kindness of all the angels that I have encountered, who have helped me grow into a stronger person over the years.

It truly is nice to be home. I will miss everyone so much.
Everyone has been so kind to me. Loads of people have been bringing food stuff for me to eat. I have been eating so much since coming home. Everything is just so delicious and there is just so much food.
Would love to put up some food pics but it takes forever to load here.
It is nice to go to church and see the young children all grown up now. I do feel so old now.
It is nice to go shopping and see how cheap things are. It is hard trying to restrain from buying everything. My bag is quite full already – 99% food stuffs. I think I shall just unpack my stuffs in Claycroft kitchen. Trying to think what else I can bring back with me which is not too heavy.

September 05, 2005

The Simple Life

It has been a week of enjoying the simple things in life..

1. My family…

2. My old friends..

3. Food!!

If only life could always be like this…
If only life is always this simple…
It feels great to be home. I know I have said that countless time already but it truly is awesome to be back.
Even though it has only been a week, sometimes I feel that I have never left at all. It is such a strange feeling. Dad feels that way too. Perhaps my heart has always been home. Perhaps a part of me will always be here in this little town where I grew up.

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