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June 29, 2005

Circle of Friends

To Joanne, Ef and Shu Bei…
Stay the wonderful girls that you are..

Monday…The journey began.. 4 girls, a train and Sudoku…

Brighton… the sea… the rides… the games.. the food and the sun..

As we were chilling in the park, this little girl came to join us.. she is so adorable..

Tetris took over us at East Croydon… Tetris is such a classic game. I grew up playing it with my dad who is obessesed with it until the machine broke down.

Home cooked lunch…Watched Little Black Book while eating the yummylicious lunch of curry chicken, chilli okra and steamed fish with rice.

Lion King… we had such good seats we could even see the sweat on the bare chests of the actors. The costumes, the songs, the actors… was just wicked!!

Last day.. had Chinese dim sum at Leicester Square.. then went on a hunt for the Apprentice (softest) teddy bear at Harrods.. didn't find the bear but Shu and Ef ended playing chess in Harrods..

It was a short trip but I had so much fun. I love the times when we all watched out for each other in the crowded London Underground. I love being in a real home with people who care about each other. I love seeing Joanne teaching Ef to speak Malay and Ef teaching her to speak Thai. I love seeing Joanne make silly faces at the camera. I love seeing Shu get frightened by the smallest things like a toy lizard. I love the way Ef sometimes talk "kiddy" language. I just love these 3 awesome friends. They are like sisters that I always dreamt of having. God bless them always..

June 28, 2005

In London

Yes I am in London now.

Yesterday was day out with the girls.
Went to Brighton yesterday morning. It is a lovely coastal town. Went to the world famous pier and had a couple of rides and I even won a soft toy shark. It is my first win ever at an amusement park.
Had a good Chinese lunch and then a good Italian dinner. It was fun just chilling with Shu, Ef and Joanne, busking in the sun. We also saw the Royal Palace.

Gonna watch Lion King tonight. I am so excited.

I am gonna get back to Sudoku and watching Shu and Ef play Nintendo games on TV. Life is so good.

Pictures when I get back to Coventry.

June 26, 2005

De Tweeling

Twin Sisters.
Watched this Dutch production at the Arts Center. It is a very intense and touching movie. I think everyone in the cinema were wiping away tears towards the end. It is definitely a good movie. Thought provoking too. It made me think about how emotions always get the better of us humans all the time. The holocaust has caused so much suffering and pain. I think the worse pain of all is the emotional trauma that is a scar that hurts more than any physical pain.

After 5 Years

… of cycling phobia… I rode a bike today!
Patty left me the bike that have brought her to the isolated isles of scotland. Still thinking of a name to give the bike.
I used to cycle loads when I was in school until the accident. I knocked into a motocylist during the eve of Chinese New Year. I jumped of the bike and only got a scratch but the poor lady motorcyclist was badly hurt. I was so scared when she started cursing me and yelling at me. And I hardly rode my bike after that.

I rode to church. It felt really great to ride a bike again. I didn't fall but it took me ages to cross the road.
I remembered the times when dad would hold my hand and lead me across the busy road to church. One Saturday, when I was 13, as we were about to cross the road to attend sunset mass, I told him :
'Dad, it is embarassing for you to hold my hand to cross the road.'
He was taken aback but he didn't let go of my hand. That was the last time dad held my hand to cross a road. Now I wished I had never said that.
I also thought of the times when I was a wee child and dad will put me in the bicycle basket and cycle me around the neighbourhood.

After church I rode to the train station to get my train tikets for next Sunday. Then got home and started knitting. Yes I am doing it again. I learnt to knit from a kind lady I stayed with in Somerset last Easter. I made a scarf which my brother had a good laugh at when he saw it. I am going to do it again but this time it is a bright pink scarf.

Then, I cleaned the kitchen and packed away stuffs. I don't really feel sad to leave this house as I feel the time has come to move on and I am thankful for all that I have learnt staying here in this house.

June 25, 2005

So Long Farewell

Patty came and brought so much sunshine. Love singing with her while walking to uni, while waiting for the bus. We even sang while waiting for the coach just now. There are many things that she had experienced which I could strongly relate to. Seems like God sent her to encourage me in a special way. Miss her very much. But this is not the last good bye. Going to see her in London on Tuesday when I go down there to watch Lion King.

Had kinda farewell lunch with Fel. She will be flying back tommorow. We had a late lunch at a Noodles Bar. The food was nothing special but the ambience was very classic. Had radish cake, glutionous rice, udon , and also soya bean. The homesickness has been buried during this whole week because I had so many things to do. But hearing and reading about people going home and having a great time at home does make me a little homesick. Actually I am quite excited. There are many things I want to do this summer. Am thinking of doing a course at church and also thinking of helping out with the elderly during the weekends in Birmingham. Looking forward to new adventures and experiences this summer.

Will spend tonight and tommorow lazing around before I head off to Brighton and London on Monday for more sunshine and fun.

June 24, 2005


… exhausted from a week of crazy activities. But it has been fun.
It kinda feels like Chinese New Year at home,where there are so many things to do.

Friday in pictures…
Straford Upon Avon..

I Love the roses…


BBQ at lovely Beth's house…

I am proud to announce that I achieved my first Sudoku victory. And it all happened at Trinity Church in Straford as Patty and I sheltered from the rain today. Apparently I was given a pretty tough one from Joanne and Ef, it took me a loooong time to do it and finally my first victory. I am so addicted and I only did just one. I want more Sudoku!! Check out this link


Had a workshop conducted by Basil and Steph from LCGC. It was awesome. I love seeing people who are passionate about the things they do. I wish I had something to be truly passionate about.
Played badminton and then watched the Kingdom Of Heaven. Orlando Bloom was pretty good but I am not too sure how much I like the movie. It did made me ponder on a lot of things. Would like to know more about the Crusades but then history could be manipulated and there could have been many versions of it.

Woke up and decide to curl in my sleeping bag to read a book that Shu pass to me. It is called Love Story by E Segal. Very sad towards the end and I had to cry. After breakfast Patty read me her fave fairy tale about a Prince, a spoilt Princess and a witch. I will miss her loads when she goes back to Baltimore.
Then went for MTW's production of The Revvue. It was super good as always. They have so much talent in them.
Laze around and then went to Westwood Church again to record Ding Dong Merrily On High and the 3 songs that we didn't manage to sing during the concert. There were very few altos and it was really scary when we were asked to sing our parts on our own. But we did it somehow even though we weren't too sure. As we walk out of the church we saw fireworks. It was beautiful. Then sang and walk to the bus stop with Thor, Beth and Patty.

Looking Back..
.. at my 2nd year. I realized I started of the year with a cold heart because I was hurt and I just shut my heart to people, I trusted no one as I don't want to be hurt by the people I am dear to anymore. The bad experiences just made me distanced myself from people. But slowly I opened up and learnt to let go off all the hurt and all the fear and started to make new friendships. I guess the scar will always remain but I have become a stronger person from it and slowly I am letting go and learning to open up to people once more. I also reliazed that no matter what happens God will never abandon me, and He will always be there for me. And I truly felt His presence at those difficult and hurtful moments in my life.

June 22, 2005

More Than Words..

Grace and Michelle. Really touched that you gals came for the concert..

Thanks to Grace for the lovely pictures. Miss you loads..
Pictures that are more than words..

Had my Fifth BBQ of the summer yesterday with Rev.

At night skipped badminton and went for Soulfood at Westwood Church. The music was really good. It was my first time in Westwood Church that I have heard so much about and it is truly a lovely church.

Couldn't keep this to myself. Learnt this song from Patty.

As I went down to the river to pray.Studying about the good old way.And who shall wear that starry crown. O Lord show me the way.

To all my lovely friends..

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you abound in Hope. Romans 15:13

June 21, 2005

Take A Look

If you look at what you do not have in life, you don't have anything

If you look at what you have in life, you have everything.

Summer Revvin

Presenting the awesome Warwick Revelation Rock Gospel Choir..

The best thing yesterday … was seeing Joanne, Fel, Ef and Shu waving at me when I was on stage. That just made my heart leap with joy and I feel so blessed to have such awesome friends. I don't have that many close friends here in Warwick but the few that I have are just so wonderful that I feel so thankful to know them.

The comments … the vote for the favourite song goes to Things Will Only Get Better and My Help.

Everyone said I look tired. Yes I was dehydrated. I know it is hotter in Malaysia but I don't stay in the sun in Malaysia. I don't think anybody in Malaysia stays in the sun much if they can cause it is just crazy. Yes it was really hot yesterday so so hot. It just feels weird to be hot here.

The saddest thing yesterday was that we had to stop because it was going to rain. It was such a shame. I didn't even rain after that.

My Sunday night ended with dinner at City Arms. I have been here in Earsldon for a year, and yesterday was my first time in there. The food is pretty good.
Today is another awesome day. Had my first walk to uni from Earlsdon with Patty. It was a nice walk. Maybe we'll do it again tommorow. Then we watched Joanne play badminton. After that we watched the Little Shop of Horrors by Music Theater Warwick. It was brilliant. Chilled at Joanne's place then watched Dance Mania at the Piazza. Diner was fun, Shu made 'tom yam' soup and it was just so good, so good.. Life is just so so good …
Can't seem to be able to upload pics onto the blog. Don't know why will try again later. Got to jump into bed. Exhausted..

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