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May 30, 2005


Just realized this afternoon that all this while I have been memorizing a wrong formula for my finance module. Have been using it in my notes and even in my past 2 term tests. No wonder I can never get the answers for the MCQs. Luckily I realized this before the exam on Wednesday. Just hope this is the only formula I got wrong. Otherwise I will be so screwed. My head is full of useless formulas that I will not remember after Wednesday. What is the point of learning all these stuffs ???

May 29, 2005

As The Deer

A song that gives me strength.

"As the hart panteth after the water brooks,
so panteth my soul after thee, O God." Psalm 42:1

Even Tears Have Ceased

Kind and gentle you were
When we first met
A friendship blossomed
A bond was felt

All the ups and downs
Throughout the seasons past
All the tears and laughter
Throughout the days we've known

Did things changed?
Or had I been blind throughout?
Is it me that have changed?
Or is it the Other You that I have not known?

The hurt in me
You might not see
A hurt so deep
Even tears have ceased.

Selfishness is human nature
But when it hurts a friend
A human weakness?
To protect oneself?

It is not me
To judge or criticise
For in the past I have been hurtful too
And tommorow I know not the mistakes I might do.

My heart feels sad
But I have learnt and grow
I wish the hurt will go away
I wish I know why it is this way.

Hey guys...thanks thanks so much for all the good luck wishes...I'm overwhelmed!! Good luck to you guys too if you guys haven't finished exams and those lucky you who have finished have a revision-less fab time! God bless all you wonderful people.

May 28, 2005

More Ramblings

I got myself another Blog.
More blogging, more procrastinating.
I realized that those who have finished exams blogged less. Guess they have better things to do now.

There are like a million things I want to do after the exams. I want to just stay in bed with a good book. Cook and bake new things everyday. Have potlucks with Daffy and Fel. See my Godbrother and his girlfriend. Work at the Arts Center for all the shows that I want to watch. I want to go for picnics and tea with Joanne, Ef and Shu Bei. I want to go watch a musical in London. I want to visit my ex jail-mates (college mates) who I have not seen for sooo long. I want to see my buddy Grace before she goes back to Malaysia. I want to go shopping!! I want to…........and the list never ends…

4 and a half days to exams…closer and closer it gets.
9 Days and 5 Papers.
Can't wait to get it over and done with.

May 26, 2005


Just got back from uni. It has been a long full day. Went to church in the morning, then to uni to study then to gym then to study again then to work at the Arts Center. This time is DV8's Dance production which is really very cleverly done. The illusions are really good. The dance was average I would say cause I have seen better ones but this one has got the best lighting and optical illusions.

Got tagged by Daffy to do the music thingy
So here it goes…

Total volume of music files on my computer:approximately 11GB.(is that a lot or too little?)

The last CD I bought was: Revelation WiM Building Bridges CD which I actually sang in it.

Song playing right now: Show Me Your Way by Hillsong

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

1) Country Road by John Denver. Its my dad's favourite. It reminds me of how he loves singing it so loud in the shower that we can even hear it in the garden. And he was the one who taught me how to sing when I was a wee kid.

2)Qing Fei De Yi by Harlem Yu.(Afraid That I Will Fall In Love With You).' Someone said that song reminds her of me (Don't know why she thinks of me when she hears that song.We are not lesbians though!). And another lovely friend taught me the lyrics cause I couldn't read Mandarin.

3) O Holy Night…my favourite Christmas carol… It always bring a tear to my eye singing it.

4) Shi Jie Mo Ri by Jay Chou. Don't know why I like this song but I listen to it a lot when I am down even though it makes me sadder.

5) A Clare Benediction. I was in the college music club's choir and we sang that for a charity concert. It brings back so many memories of college.

The five people that I am going to pass the baton…

1. Sing Cher
2. Vicky
3. Shu Bei
4. Pei Theng
5. Anyone else who wants to do this…

The translations of the Mandarin songs is kinda funny. Guess it is true the essence is lost after translation.
There are so many more songs that I want to put into the list.. like all the lovely Rev songs ( Something Inside So Strong,He still Loves Me, My Help, Sanctuary, Trading My Sorrows, Rain Down…aaah so many), Mai Phen Rai ( Never Mind) from Chang and Eng musical, God Will Make A Way, As the Deer… never ending list from my 11GB collection…
Realized that I am really out of date in my songs collection. I seem to be listening to old songs all the time.

May 25, 2005


Exams starts in exactly a week from today… I really want to finish my exams cause I am really bored from revising… and the more I revised I find that there are many things I don't seem to know.. I just keep telling myself we don't need to know everything.. but then again..
Anyway, worked at the cinema today for Sideways.
The duty manager told me that most guys who watched it liked it while most girls rated it as so so. Ya I am just like most girls. I didn't like it cause the guy fooled around a week before his wedding. He has doubts. Hey if not sure please don't get married. But then again, even if you are sure, things might not work out after you get married. Aaaaah…life is unpredictable.
Nevertheless , it was funny and the conversations are witty. I guess it is very true about life. How messed up our lives can get.
Then the question that pop in my mind when I was on the bus back. What is Love actually? How many people actually marry for Love? I always love to ask my friends, how do you know if you are in Love with a person? How do you know the person is the one you Love? Are you sure you are not just looking for companionship because you are lonely?
Some people told me they got into a relationship cause the other person seem to love them,no harm trying even if you don't love a person and after some time together you will end up loving the person. Then there are some others who get into relationships cause they feel peer pressure, the mentality of 'Everyone's got someone, I should too.' My dad always reminded me not to have that kinda thinking.
Loads of people told me that the one we spend our lifetimes with is just the person who appears at the right place at the right time and they say there is no one right person. It is just the person who happens to be at the right place at the right time.
Somehow I still believe there is The One person that is meant to be. I love telling my friends this Theory of mine. And they will ask 'How you know it is The One?' I used to say dunno. But now I think when The One comes I will know somehow. It is the feeling factor.
Then they will ask ' What if the feeling is wrong? '
Then they will add "You might be letting go of something that could have been fantastic or you might be getting yourself into a disaster?' So far for me, it has always been the former case. But I guess there is no regrets, things just happen for a reason which we might not comprehend sometimes.
People like to say ' What if you have tried? Why don't just give it a go?'
Well, if it is meant to be it will be.

May 24, 2005

Touched By An Angel

This morning I felt inspired after reading Sing Cher's blog..
and after Rev's dance and drama rehearsal I felt happy cause it was so much fun..
and after singing in Revelation I felt joy being able to sing to praise and worship God…
Then, I got back home and found this on my table..

Now I felt touched…touched by an angel..
the note read : 'PJ, Now you don't need to bake your own cookies but can concentrate on exam ya..' I had to control from not crying..
Thanks Miss Joanne Jong, my dear friend you made my day…
Yes I will concentrate on exams!! Focus focus…and looking forward to picnics and BBQ after the exams…

I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with friends who are like angels here on earth. Amazing people are they, who never stop inspiring me everyday. God bless them all.


Quote of the day from Sing Cher's awesome blog

" Destiny is not a matter of chance , it is a matter of choice . It is not a thing to be waited for , it is a thing to be achieved "

Dare to dream and make it happen!
Feeling inspired…

May 23, 2005


Yes I know I am blessed
Yesterday, today and tommorow
Filled with Joy none the less.

Yes I know I am loved
Everywhere I go in this beautiful world
Angels surround to show me the way.

Yes I know God is here
In my heart I rejoice
As I embrace His Love and Grace.

Yes I know it is true
He will guide me
To do His Will with courage
And wisdom always.

Yes Lord, I pray. Amen.

Monsieur S

Hier,j'ai mange beaucoup de salmon et salad..

Oui,c'est arrive!Qui est arrive? Monsieur Stress est ici.
Yes, Stress is here. I am feeling it already. I try to ignore it but it is here to stay. I try to forget it but Godbrother reminded me by exclaiming 'Hey sis you look stresssss!'(followed by his non-stop laughter). That bastard sweet brother of mine finished his MBA exams last Friday. Now he is Busy watching movies, shopping, whatever. But he has been awfully nice and encouraging. He got me a bottle of apple juice to drown my stress. Then he text me with encouraging words to exorcise the stress. It didn't really work but.. I do feel better today. Thanks dude.

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