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February 28, 2005

End of term..

Another end of term…I have had 4 'end of terms'... Let me think back what I did for all the end of terms I had here in Warwick. Nothing too exciting cause I can hardly remember.

1st end of term = first English xmas party with the great great people of Kitchen 2 and 3 of AV2 last year. It was good fun. Then packed stuffs and trolleyed them with Tesco trolleys to Cryfield 1.

2nd end of term = Had to cook everything Shu Bei and I had in the fridge before packing and moving to Cryfield again for Easter holidays. Thank God we had Tesco trolleys!

3rd end of term = Exams! Packing once more. This time stuffs go into the containers near the Health Center. And yes last minute shopping for presents to bring back to Malaysia. Realized that there really is nothing much that you can get here that you can't get back in Malaysia. I kept asking people what is special in UK. No one seem to be able to answer that.

4th end of term – Last term… went to Singapore Society Xmas diner which I thought was really good. Then, had a most memorable Revelation Carol Service at the Coventry Cathedral. Had 2 bloody tests. Packed for my 10 day Europe tour. (Athens, Berlin, Salzburg and Vienna)

Now comes 5th end of term… nope no more packing this end of term. Feeling very tired by the amount of work that is piling. And yes looking forward to Rev's Concert which I am sure is going to be fantastic. And yes looking forward to the hols but no not looking forward to the 2 tests that I will have to do before that.

Dillemma...Not sure whether I want the term to end or not.To end or not to end...

February 27, 2005

Looking Back..

Looking back..
At my life..
I realize I am blessed..
Blessed with so much goodness..
Hardly any sadness..

Looking back..
At how far I have come..
I realize how much I have achieved..
Nothing extraordinary..
But I am proud of all that I did..

Looking back..
At all the angels I have met..
I realize I am lucky..
To be loved by so many..
For there will always be angels by my side…

As I look back no more..
I realize how fast time pass me by..
But I still yearn for tommorow to come..
A new chapter with all its gifts and blessings….

February 22, 2005

White drops from heaven…

When I was a little girl I always thought that snow was something magical that happen only in Christmas. Last year was the first time I saw this magical white drops which I always thought came from heaven when I was a kid living in Malaysia . (which is always hot, and hotter, rain and rainy. ) Snow is something I only see on TV or in photos or picture in books. Oh and we have man-made snow play houses in Malaysia for kids and adult alike. My parents brought me and my brother to one when I was like 10 and I can still remember being wrapped up in very very thick clothes and I could hardly walk in those bulky clothes!
It snowed today and though I am no longer a little girl, it still felt so magical looking at the little white drops from the sky. It enchants me just as much as watching raindrops through the window at home in Malaysia and I love the smell of rain. I thought I was weird until my best friend told me she liked the smell of rain too and apparently the nicest smell of rain are those in my little hometown, Muar. :-)

February 20, 2005

Home away

Writing about web page

I checked mail and saw the photos my cousin sent me. Saw how much my brother , cousins , nephews and nieces have grown over this short period of time that I have been home away. Looking at the photos just make me feel so homesick. Saw my brother's bedroom which half a year ago I was lying there talking to him. Saw my dad whom I use to watch tv with till late night. Mum called just now but my house was having a party and I could not hear her so I told her I was busy and now I long so much to hear her voice on the phone. Wonder when I will be home again. Coming home, coming home never more to roam...

February 18, 2005

A reason for everything?

There are times when I meet people in the streets and I wonder why there are some people you keep bumping into, and some people you meet once in your life and you never see them again, and some people through a brief encounter you just can't forget them. Life is so strange sometimes. Is meeting people just a coincidence that happen to be? or is there a reason for people meeting people? do we see things cause we want to see them or we see because things want to see us? Is life a line that is yet to be seen or is life a line that has yet to be drawn? Guess these questions are worthless and unanswerable. I just feel life is so so strange sometimes. How things happen and how things change is so so strange. I do believe things happen for a reason though many a time I don't really know exactly what the reason is but I know there is a reason.

February 16, 2005


Can't get this song I learnt at Warwick Revelation off my headů

It is to You I give the glory..
It is to You I give the praise..
Cause You have done so much for me..
And I will bless Your Holy Name..
It is to You, Holy Father..
No one like you..
And I will bless your name..
Bless your name..
And I will bless your name..

I have a goldfish memory and normally I can't remember lyrics or tunes unless I keep repeating it to myself. But I can't get this lovely song out of my head. It has beautiful words and hearing it sung just takes your breath away. Joined Revelation middle of last term and I so regret not joining it when I was in my first year. Everyone is so friendly and singing is the best thing to do after a hard day's work!

February 15, 2005

Smiling Strangers…

As I walked to class, so many faces pass by me. Some fammiliar faces of friends and acquantances. But many faces of strangers. The nicest feeling one get is when you smile at a stranger and the stranger smiles back at you. How often does that happen? Everyone is just too wrap up with their own lifes. Rushing to lectures. Rushing to finish assignments. The pace of life is just so fast, so fast. Maybe we should all slow down, start smiling at strangers and spread this power of smile all around us.

February 13, 2005

Just for today

Touched by today's final hymn at mass.
Feel and live the present. Just for today...

Just for today by Sister Mary Xavier.

Lord, for tomorrow and its needs I do not pray;
Keep me, my God, from stain of sin just for today.
Help me to labor earnestly and duly pray;
Let me be kind in word and deed, Father, today.

Let me no wrong or idle word unthinking say;
Set Thou a seal upon my lips through all today.
Let me in season, Lord, be grave, in season gay;
Let me be faithful to Thy grace, dear Lord, today.

And if, today, this life of mine should ebb away,
Give me Thy sacrament divine, Father, today.
So for tomorrow and its needs I do not pray;
Still keep me, guide me, love me, Lord, through each day.

February 12, 2005

I lost my Heart…

This is a poem I received for V-day last year from a very very good friend. I dedicate this to all people still in search of Love and to those who have found true Love.

_ I lost my heart in Heidelberg's fair city

Twas in a gentle summer night

I was in love, so deep in love enatangled

Her rosebud mouth was laughing with delight.

When at the gates at last we parted

I kissed farewell her knowing in the end

My heart was lost in Heidelberg forever

My heart still beats at the Neckar strand.

One evening I remember I was not twenty yet

Her hair was light and golden

The lips I kissed so red

The air was blue and blissful

The Neckar a silver sea

And then I know, and then I knew

What the matter was with me.

Again is on the Neckar the wine

In bloom, as then,

The years have been a passing

I am a lonely man

And if you asked a fellow why

He did no one find

I told you, friends, I told you friends, what there is on my mind.

What has become of you dear

Since I had to be wise

Old Heidelberg, so beautiful

You German paradise

I went away in sorrow

Left happiness,ease and wine

I think of you, I long for you

You are my "auld lang syne"._

I don't know what others think of this poem but it always bring a tear to my eye when I read it. _Just recently I realize that Love is when it hurts so much to Love someone. _

Free to blog

Can't believe I am blogging. Can't believe I am a blogger. Wonder if anyone will actually read my crap. Why did I decide to blog? Well everyone's doing it? If thats the case I would have blog like ages ago. I am blogging to tell the world that I am so thankful to be able to live as a free human. Yet I feel sad for so many people who are oppressed and have no freedom. Will there ever be a day when everyone in this world can live as free people. I just finish reading a very disturbing real life story book about a woman who live a life oppressed by men. These are the men whom are family to her – her father, her brother, her husband… She is like a caged bird to her own culture and home. Things have not changed for her women folk despite the advances the world has witness in so many areas. I asked myself, after all this has the world changed ? or is it still the same as it was centuries ago? Perhaps nothing has changed after all.

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