October 20, 2005

The Mouse and Rice Song

Had my first good diner for ages…
I have been feeling too sick to cook. Have been eating stuff like soup with bread or rice porridge or noodles soup.
Was gonna choose one of the three today but suprise, suprise Joanne brought me vegie lasagna.. I think the lasagna did cheer me up and I finally drag myself to Tesco to get some food… ok besides being lazy to cook, I have been living without any real food for the past few days and the reason I am sick (or just plan lazy.).

A funny song that my cousin kept playing on his car the last time I got a ride from him. It is super cheesy but once in a while whats wrong with a bit of cheesy music..

Lao Shu Ai Da Mi
wo ai ni ai zhe ni
jiu xiang lao shu ai da mi
bu guan you duo shao feng yu wo dou hui yiran pei zhe ni
wo xiang ni xiang zhe ni
buguan you duo me de ku
zhi yao neng rang ni kai xin wo shen me dou yuan yi
zhe yang ai ni

I love you, loving you, as a mouse loves rice
Even if it rains, I'm always by your side
I miss you, missing you
I donít care how hard it is
I just want you to be happy
I will do anything for you

Sorry, not very good translation. Lost the essence in transaltion.
I like this cheesy song even though, I don't understand, how one can love someone like a mouse loves a rice. It doesn't make sense cos the mouse eats the rice. Is it some kind of obssessive love! Oh well, whatever..

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  1. Stella

    I hope yr throat is better, u guys have caught a bad cough!:(
    Haha that's a good one, can u sing that song for me tomorrow?:D
    I thought mice liked cheese? o_O Oh well, cheesy song anyway:)

    20 Oct 2005, 21:40

  2. Yea thats what I thought too when I first heard the song. Cheese and Mouse seems a better couple.
    I will ask Fel to sing for you cos I think I am losing my voice.

    21 Oct 2005, 11:29

  3. Winn Hui

    Haha, I heard of that cheesy song earlier this year too! And at first I laughed at it, later, I LOVE IT!! Haha… cheesy songs are good de-stressing song! :D Hope you are getting better from your sickness… Take care as winter is drawing closer! ;)

    21 Oct 2005, 21:55

  4. Dr Han!!! Ya, I love it too when I heard it but then after listening to it like God knows how many times in my cousin's car, I got the cheesesickness of it. But now dat I have recovered, bring on the cheese…
    Thanks, I am feeling much better now.
    You take care and keep warm in cold, cold Edinburgh !! xxx

    21 Oct 2005, 22:30

  5. Jerry

    I just download from iTunes.com and love it, but there are two versions, one is solo version by Xiang Xiang (track number 2) and the other is the duet version (track #10). Which is the more popular one? Please email me the answer.

    26 Oct 2005, 16:00

  6. Joq

    Where can I download this song for free?

    05 Nov 2005, 20:03

  7. >Joq
    I am not sure try googling it, I am sure you can find this song somewhere out there. Good Lucks.

    05 Nov 2005, 21:39

  8. Joq

    I only found the english version. I need the chinese version.

    05 Nov 2005, 23:03

  9. >Joq,
    I didn't know there is an English version. Interesting. I hope you will find the chinese version too. :o)

    05 Nov 2005, 23:55

  10. jianpang

    Hi, I'm dying to know where to get the english version of this song, and who is the singer and name of the english version. Please tell me by email-ing me thru lamjianpang@yahoo.com


    22 Nov 2005, 11:52

  11. Min Sheng

    If you google it it'll come out a bunch of weird symbols, trust me, I tried

    25 Nov 2005, 13:13

  12. jing

    English what english version?? Can someone pls send it to hi_n_bi@hotmail.com! Thank You!!! If anyone needs the Chinese version try emailing me.

    15 Dec 2005, 08:56

  13. Dan D2B

    Hello! I was just in China and Mouse Love Rice was taught to us by "judy the flower girl" and once we learned it it became our foothold into the culture….very surprising to sing for waitresses at the restuarants! Anyway, there is an english flash version on www.10qq.com and on the left there is a whole list of different flash videos but it's written with chinese characters and so it's like 20 or 30 links down the list and usually I can just find it by chance.

    Loving you, as the rat loves corn,

    12 Apr 2006, 03:34

  14. Random

    really cool blog. love the cheesy song and explanation afterwards. as the other little comment–friends say, hope you feel better soon, though this was written a while ago.

    21 Jul 2006, 05:36

  15. Dark

    It's another version of this song, click here to listen, in the player U can click into the Artist, to see out more and download, all of them R free, if U guy need another song, contact me with YM ID: s_turtleduck: I will try to help U, and send U the link _
    Click here to listen to Korea ver (enjoy!!!):

    24 Jul 2006, 09:09

  16. Tiffa

    the reason why the girl loves the boy is because the can’t live without the boy
    like how the mouse can’t live without the rice. if the mouse doesnt have the rice, it will die.
    same with the girl and the boy


    11 Sep 2006, 02:34

  17. Tiffa

    oh, and for the chinese version
    just search on the chinese version of google. it’ll come up

    11 Sep 2006, 02:35

  18. LyHuynh

    You can go here to get the full English’s Lyric of
    Mouse Love Rice : http://mouse-loves-rice.com/

    04 Oct 2006, 17:29

  19. A KA

    U can go here to download free “Mouse love Rice”


    18 Nov 2006, 18:12

  20. ongtre63


    18 Nov 2006, 18:35

  21. Metta

    I love this song!!!!

    28 Nov 2006, 00:11

  22. Pete Naier

    Could u post the complete song of the mouse and rice in engkish words. I donot know to read chinese so the songs words written in english were very helpful .Id really appreciatye if u could post the same here.

    08 Jan 2007, 09:54

  23. Fatos H

    You can download Mice love rice here;

    02 Sep 2007, 22:02

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