December 30, 2005

The End

I have been hesitating for a very long time. I receive an e-mail which has made me decide to stop blogging. As I write this tears well in my eyes. Why is there so much hatred in people.
I am shocked and very shocked. To receive the e-mail below:

A new comment was posted on your entry: 'Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer'

Name:Mathew Mannion


Fuck you Pee Lee. Go fuck your fucking nigger family. Why do you all have fucked up eyes? huh you fucking chinese dickhead. I didn't know that you could had such a sick name as "Pee" but you know, down in your fucking nigger country your name can be anything right? oh and your family looks like a cheap bunch of whores. I bet your mom owns one of those stores where you can rent a whore as your wife for free, all you have to do is to feed her with food and sperm, and she will be yours forever. or at least until your out of money. Fucking whore. So please tell your slutty whore mom that im gonna rent her for a gangbang with me and all my mates. Fucking bukkake whore!

To the person who sent me this. My name is not Pee. It is Pei. Go get your eyes checked for blindness. And shame on you for insulting someone else's mother. I feel sad for you mum for having a bastard son like you. There is a proverb that says insulting others mum is insulting your own mum. To me all mothers are amazing because they have to endure the worst pain in the world to bring a baby into the world. Insult me all you want but don't you ever insult my mother! I might be Malaysian Chinese but I am proud of my roots and my country.

Goodbye Warwick Blogs. It has been so much fun having a blog but things are getting too personal. Many things bloggable but not suitable. For now I shall disappear into my Real World…

Au revoir..

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  1. I'm really sorry that some bastard has been so abusive to you. There really is no need and they're so small minded for doing that.
    Until you feel ready to come back – Have fun in the real world _
    Good Luck!

    30 Dec 2005, 16:33

  2. Mathew Mannion

    It certainly was not me, but someone who used my name. I'm very sorry that someone sent you this though, but you shouldn't feel the need to stop just because people are arseholes :(

    30 Dec 2005, 17:02

  3. I'm not sure I've commented on your blog before, but I've enjoyed reading it and I hope you can reconsider your decision to leave WB.

    A lot of regular bloggers had a similar horrible comment a day or two ago pretending to be from Mat. They were all posted by someone who lives in Denmark and calls himself "CoZmatic" – he started off sending nasty messages to Mat and recently spread to a number of other bloggers for no reason. Steps have been taken to ban him from commenting on WB again and all his past posts have been deleted.

    If you still decide not to come back, good luck with everything!

    30 Dec 2005, 17:10

  4. yeah, don't pay attention to spazmatic cozmatic, or the fake mat. stay on WB!!

    30 Dec 2005, 17:40

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with the above.
    Although you're pretty upset by the numpty who sent that email, it shouldn't make you stop as it means that the sick sod has won whatever little private battle he was fighting.

    There's always the "University viewable only" option. Don't give up.

    30 Dec 2005, 17:51

  6. Don't leave the blogs just because of the Troll-ing, its not nice, but it says lots more about them than you, if they have so much free time in their day to write horrible things about people then they should be pitied not encouraged. Don't give up!

    30 Dec 2005, 21:21

  7. I agree with the others – don't disappear from your blog as it is how I got to know you better!!!

    30 Dec 2005, 22:00

  8. WHui

    Princess, don't be affected by such ruthless people. You had done nothing wrong. Be strong and face them with courage.

    'Do whatever that makes you happy' – heard this thousand times during my recent trip to europe and think that's so true…

    Try some other blogging site which can only allow friends to read your entries. Anyhow, hope that we could keep in touch! Cheer up! :D

    31 Dec 2005, 01:02

  9. Don't go.
    there are a lot of dic,kheads out there, but you are definatey not one of them, they're the people who write this nonsense. If they're not even big enough to be themselves, rather than pretending to be someone else, then they're n worth worrying about.

    31 Dec 2005, 07:29

  10. Cynthia

    Pei Jie dear, don't stop blogging because of some low-life (or rather, no life) planet scum. Trash like them will get what they deserve one day. I love reading your entries as it is so evident from them that you're someone who loves life and knows how to appreciate both the big and the small blessings that comes your way. So much so that when I read your blog, I whisper a prayer of thanks to our Heavenly Father up above for my own blessings in my own life. :)

    31 Dec 2005, 09:53

  11. Don't stop blogging because of this…it's just some complete loser trying to be funny and failing. Don't take it personally either, could have happened to anyone. If someone did it to me, I'd be annoyed yes, but wouldn't leave because of it.

    Carry on blogging and just forget about it. The loser's not losing any sleep about writing it, so don't you lose any because of it.

    31 Dec 2005, 17:37

  12. Don't stop blogging, that's what he wants. I got nasty comments from him too. The blog people know who he is and he is being treated accordingly. Your blog is lovely, don't stop. Hugs xxx

    31 Dec 2005, 23:00

  13. Thanks guys. I am very touched by all the encouraging comments you guys left. I was very upset by the nasty comment when I first read it but it affects me no more now. I have decided to stop Warwick Blogs for a while to focus on my bloody assignments. Don't know when I will blog again but in the mean time I shall remain as I have always been a religious reader of Warwick Blogs. I love reading all your entries.

    Happy New Year guys! Bring on a great 2006 filled with peace and love! God bless…

    01 Jan 2006, 01:49

  14. Mus

    Don't go. Don't let him win.

    One day he will get his come-uppance.

    01 Jan 2006, 04:00

  15. Siew Lee

    You know, girl, you can always move to Livejournal. You write well. Although I don't comment very often on your blog, but I do read your entries. Don't give up just because some stupid moron decided to post a idiotic comment on one of your comments. If you give up this blog just because someone wrote nasty stuff on it, it would be such a waste and that moron would be laughing away because he forced you offline.

    Think about it, and let me know if you wanna have a Livejournal instead since I could probably give you some pointers.

    01 Jan 2006, 12:31

  16. charlene

    hi pei jie.. happy new year!!

    don't be sad gal.. that guy is such an idiot.. ever heard of when someone point a finger at you,he's pointing at his own…. so when he's scolding u f***, he's scolding himself..

    02 Jan 2006, 06:00

  17. Celina

    Hey pei Jie. Happy New Year! just read ur blog.i would have to say that i would be upset as well. dont give 2 hoots about these lowlife scumbags. they do not have a purpose in life unlike you.
    It's been great reading your blog and still "keeping in-touch" with my fellow classmate who i have not met for yonks!
    so don't "disappear" from WB alrite? i will definitely miss u if u do. :P
    hey pei jie..cheer up alrite! always remember you have 1 million friends out there who cherish you and would NEVER insult you, your family or heritage. so why bother about just one asshole out there??

    take care pei jie!!


    p/s: i am home in msia for good. so look me up when u r home alrite? once again…CHEER UP!! i miss u and i love u! hehe.

    02 Jan 2006, 07:40

  18. Just like to add my support to the long list of comments above… Don't let this moron get to you! I've had abuse off people from time to time (although nothing quite on the scale you experienced, admittedly) but you just have to remember that it's some sad, cowardly little weirdo who feels safe insulting you from behind a computer screen and would probably run a mile from any kind of confrontation in real life. Take no notice and listen instead to the messages of support and friendliness you've received on here, and let the blog admin deal with the goon who's abusing people.

    Good look with your assignments and hope to see you blogging again soon!

    02 Jan 2006, 11:05

  19. just use the university only or friends only function on your entries..
    i know what you mean tho, it takes up a lot of time

    02 Jan 2006, 18:54

  20. very silly of someone. if they knew you, its bad and rude. but if they dont know you its just pathetically stupid of them. i often wonder what runs through such minds… thats a lie, i actually assume nothing ever runs through such minds. i hope you dont stop blogging, and i hope you dont become influenced in what you do by the actions of such people.

    03 Jan 2006, 03:55

  21. The university only option is all very well until you get fellow students throwing the insults! And the guy in question actually told me to make the entry restricted to students and staff to avoid receiving these insults with my entries… but you're a student, mate!

    03 Jan 2006, 16:49

  22. Ive had attacks from mr Cozmo, but to be honest hes just so pathetic you have to laugh really. Dont let it get to you, and rise above it, above all dont stop blogging :)

    05 Jan 2006, 17:00

  23. Pei, unfortunately there are too many stupid and inconsiderate people in this world. If we took everything they said to heart, no-one would ever get anywhere. Don't let them distract you from the things you love. Good luck with your assignments, hope you feel like coming back here soon :) xxx

    06 Jan 2006, 12:25

  24. This is actually my first visit to your blog, but I just wanted to say that by the huge list of messages above you should see that hateful people like that are in the minority. Ignore the idiots who still judge by appearance – they're just plain ignorant. Hope you come back to blog soon xx

    06 Jan 2006, 14:37

  25. G

    i aint a uni guy but im half singaporean although most ppl dont kno that – screw the assclown who sent that there should be a reply button so everyone can relply to him at the same time and completely screw his computer with viruses etc that would be cosmic!!!!!


    08 Jan 2006, 21:32

  26. KatAri

    I stumbled across your departure when I googled for a graphic artist named Pee Lee. As I'm sure you gathered from all of the above, allowing Scum of the Universe drive you away from that which you love & do so well is letting the e~terrorists win!

    “Fight the Good Fight” & know that the Karma has a way of biting regressives like this on the butt, w/ a Vengeance! >;~}

    10 Jan 2006, 06:59

  27. John

    It is a shame people have to act like that.

    12 Oct 2006, 03:03

  28. Gosh I’m gobsmacked. How could someone write that! Stamping Mathew’s name on such nonsense is such a coward move! Pei Lee, keep that chin up… only God knows and I wish you all the blessings in the world for 2007!!!!

    08 Jan 2007, 14:40

  29. Alex MacDonald

    If you ever find the fuck head who said this, send me an e-mail and I’ll fuck this shithead up so bad, he’ll regret he was born.

    06 Mar 2007, 17:17

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