October 16, 2005

Something Special

God has His own way of sending us a special delivery everyday in our lifes. The fast pace of life sometimes just makes us fail to realise that He in fact is watching over us with our every heart beat. I can feel God's love through the warmth of the friends and family I have here on earth.

Ma cousine, Ferny et son mari..

It was great to see them both. They were experiencing the same feelings I had when I was a fresher. First time away from home, the excitement of seeing the leaves turn yellow and orange.

Ferny's hubby is doing a phd in London and they came here for the weekend. It was great to see them, to speak to them in my not very good mandarin which they understood. It feels great to have real family here. Being older and living near me, means she have to watch over me sometimes when I was a child. She played games with me. I still remember we used to have make shift kitchen in her garden and cooked Leaves and mud. That was when my cooking practise started!
They loved Warwick Uni and think it is awesome. I never thought it is that great but hey maybe it really is. I think I will miss this place when I leave next year.

Sunday dinner with Stella…

We had a good chat over a cup of tea. It is great to know someone that you can talk to. Someone who is truly sincere and a heart which is so kind. I have been praying to God over some things that have happened in my life and tonight's conversation with Stella was as if God answered all those questions I had. This might sound absurd to some people but I feel God made this happen and we get to share our experiences and look at it in the perspective that He meant for us to understand.
Even though I only know Stella for a few weeks, I feel like she is an old friend. It is just so strange when something like this happens. You just click and share the same frequency.
Thanks so much Stella for listening. God has His plans for you and stay the special girl that you are.

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  1. Stella

    I only have to say, Merci PJ pour tout.
    The rest, you know all about it…
    I'm glad I annoyed your ears today evil grin
    and I'm glad we 'clicked' as in not in the lesbo terms but as friends:P
    hahaha kidding man:)
    gros Zibous:)

    16 Oct 2005, 22:49

  2. Chere Stella,
    It was really great talking and listening to you..
    Its been ages since I had a heart to heart chat with anyone here.
    hahaha… Someone once asked me if I was a lesbian just because I am single. That was hillarious. I am straight as straight can be.
    It is just so strange, some people you just click, some you just never will.
    Hope this very special friendship that God meant for us to have will continue to grow…

    17 Oct 2005, 09:01

  3. pei lee, don't want to intrude this personal commenting, but your way of seeing things simply amazes me. i wish i could see life just a tiny bit like you seem to do. thanking god (or whoever/whatever one choses to believe in) for what i have… well, looking at my blog one can see that i'm viewing life way too negative, often i'm even angry about having to live this "life". but you… how did you become this way? i guess i can just keep on wishing and trying to see the best in everything. trying though not succeding (yet), is probably better than not trying at all…

    17 Oct 2005, 23:50

  4. Helo Laura!
    No intrusion at all. Anyone can comment, thats the whole point of this blog.
    I used to be really negative and complain all the time when I was at home. I think the turning point came when I went to a really horrible Boarding school to study. Being away from home, made me realised that I have always taken all the little, little things in life for granted. Like my family who loves me and who have given me the best they could.
    Being in a 'horrible' boarding school, (it was like a jail) and leaving the comforts of home, I had no choice but to be positive, otherwise life would be worse. We just have to make the most of what life brings us. Despite the place being horrible, I made a lot of new friends who taught me to see life in a different perspective.
    I don't have a perfect life, my life is just as messed up as everyone else. I have my low days too, when I would start hating this life. But somehow, I keep meeting people who never stop inspiring me. Even though mostly are brief encouters, these moments will be remembered a lifetime. How can I not believe in God when such amazing things like that happen.
    Don't be angry at life. Anger is like a boomerang, it just hits you back. Nothing will change even if you are angry, it just makes you feel even more miserable. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. We have the choice to live the life that we want and make our dreams come true. The road may be rough but thats what makes us stronger.

    18 Oct 2005, 09:56

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