April 03, 2005

Building Bridges.

'Building Bridges is the theme of Bangor WIM ( Revelation's annual Week In March). It brought together about 100 over people from 14 universities. Guess building bridges is all about bonding people.'

Saturday 26 March
Woke up really early cause was feeling really excited. As I was lugging my bags to go catch a bus, Godbrother Gan came to give me a lift. So grateful to have a brother like him. Not only that he waited with me for half an hour at university cause we got there too early. Met Jenni whom I was getting a lift from for the first time. I was really worried cause it is a 3 hour plus drive to Bangor and I am not a very good at making conversations with new people. But thankfully somehow it was alright. We talked about random stuffs. She is a such a nice girl.

Reached Bangor at about 4 ish pm. Everyone seem to know everyone but everyone is so friendly and you see smiley faces all around you. It eased away the worry I had that I will be left out cause I am shy and quiet with new people. It is really ironic. I was never a shy person in Malaysia but I am becoming more and more quiet as I grow older. I was a chatterbox when I was in school but it just toned down at some point and I know not why or when I changed. Maybe it was after Grandma pass away. I just wished I could take back those hurtful words I ever said to her. I think and reflect more these days than talk and I write down random thoughts in a journal so I will not forget them.

I decided to join WIM cause I wanted to meet more people and overcome my shyness and being able to go to Wales was an added bonus. Bangor is such a lovely coastal town. Love it. Another reason for joining WIM is to experience British culture.

Easter Sunday
Performed at Pentecostal church ( the church where we were staying). Watched the children performed their Easter performance. They were so cute. More rehearsal after that. Skipped dinner to go to the Catholic church in Bangor for the evening mass. The mass was a simple one with only 2 hymms sung.
Had a dance splinter meeting. Then met my Bond Group. Awesome people, Kate ( Leader) who was one of the first people I got to know when I arived, Jon Finis ( the National coordinator). Jen who is really hyperactive funky girl, Elllie another funky girl, Martina from Chech who sleeps next to me, sweet Patty from the states and Tom who is really creative and cool.

There were 2 choirs – Menai and Britania. I was in Britania. Learnt more new songs.
The most exciting thing that day was Ceilidh. I always see it on Tv but never really had the chance to experience it. But it was so fun. My arms were bruised from this scotish dance.

Felt ill and a little homesick. Got to know more people and everyone seem to ask the same question 'So, when you going home?' I will not be able to go home this summer cause I will be doing an internship with PWC in Birmingham. Will probably go home in Christmas. Seems like such a long time. Called mum later at night to tell her how much I miss her.
Felt better after busking and singing in the open air. Had bond group diner at a curry house. It was followed by a pub social.

Felt very ill today. Guess most people were feeling dryness in the throat too.
Daniel Thomas, a professional from London taught us 2 songs. It was really inspiring. Finished the dance and I thought it was really well choreographed by Martyn and the rest of the gang.

Received flowers from Martina and Patty today. So sweet of them. Had a shower at the swimming pool. It felt good but I didn't really feel clean from showering in my swim suit. It was a long walk back and I was sweating from walking up the slope.
Cabaret night! It was fun watching people performing. My favourite was when Salve Regina was sung. It was so beautifully sung. I performed with the rest of the dance gang too. It was good fun. And I got a Paper Plate award for Best Massage. It was such a suprise.

Concert day. People seem a little stress but excited about the concert. The songs we sang : Higher and Higher, My soul says Yes, Living Years, All Right, Get on Up, Man in the Mirror, and Trading My Sorrows. The other choir sang You are Good, Unwritten, Who is Like the Lord, I'll be there for You, Rain Down, My Help, and We Offer You Praise. And combined both choirs we sang Stand Still and Know, Somebody to Love and Let Me Say So. The concert was amazing and it almost brought a tear to my eyes. Received some roses and a piggy bank from my Guardian Angel. After the concert there was a party. Wasn't feeling very well. Wasn't really in the party mood. Maybe I have outgrown my party years. Age is catching up slowly but surely.

Last day..
Went to the sea side with Patty. It was a sunny day and the walk there felt so peaceful.
Found out who my Angel was. Jon Finis! So lucky to have him as an angel. He is an angel indeed.
Helped to clean up the church. Then went for pub lunch and home bound to Coventry once more. The view of Bangor from the way back was lovely. Why didn't I noticed it on the way there? Sometimes in life we just fail to recognize the beauty of what is around us. 'Stand Still and Know' how beautiful is the life that God has given us.

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  1. PJ - what a beautiful review of WIM! I had a truly amazing time, it was really good to meet a lot of new people! And thank you for my lovely note you gave me, so very kind of you. There really are some great memories that we will take away from WIM, and the concert almost brought me to tears, I was so overwhelmed at how brilliantly it went!

    05 Apr 2005, 20:40

  2. A great diary of WIM - now I don't feel like I missed out so much :) Glad you had a good time and I hope you are feeling better now.

    See you soon


    08 Apr 2005, 16:37

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