October 04, 2005

A grinning smile

As I walked back from work today, my head was swimming with random thoughts. The Symphony Ochestra which I heard at work was still very much in my head. ( BTW they were awesome as always.)
I thought about phone call home today where dad and mum were saying they couldn't get off to come for my graduation if it were in July and that even if I deffered it to January they might still not be able to make it. But mum said dad will certainly come if I get a first class. What the hell!!
Then, I saw this guy who I know, smiled but he just walked passed me. I prefer to think it was dark and he didn't see me. I don't know if anyone have this problem. I always hesitate when I see people that I think I know from somewhere but haven't seen them for ages, not sure if they still remember me, should I say 'Hi do you remember me?' or should I just wait and see if they remember me or should I just act cool and whatever la.
I remember telling dad this problem I had when I was at church ages ago. I smiled at people that I thought I knew but they just ignored me. Ouch! Dad say maybe I didn't Smile the right way, perhaps I was only grinning. So I looked at the mirror and tried to smile and not grin but hey the kinda grin is my natural smile. Anyway, after a while I just thought people are just so unfriendly, I stopped smiling as much and then I heard people say me aloof. Oh man, what the hell..
In my first year at uni, I always see this girl who smiles back at me all the time even though I don't know her. Guess who this girl is? Miss Singapore Daffy! I didn't know her name until 2nd year but actually I already knew her as the 'smiling stranger' as a fresher.
Anyway, I guess it is still worth smiling at people. Never mind they don't remember you. But my smile is stilll very much more like a grin most of the time. I guess it is a protective mechanism, if people don't smile back, just take it that I didn't smile but I grinned.

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  1. I have a habit of what I call "grinning" people, meaning that I sometimes walk round campus and just smile at pretty much everyone I see, whether I know them or not.

    A lot of people don't smile back or indeed react in any way. Then again, there are people I've never actually met but I love walking past them because I know that they will always smile back.

    05 Oct 2005, 09:33

  2. Stella

    Smile n the world will smile at you PJ!:D

    BTW, your anti–spam ques, I thought it was a joke, I answered: 'Hmm, I bet it's red!' and it said error:P HAHAHAHA:P

    05 Oct 2005, 12:29

  3. Yeah, I love the feeling when a stranger smiles back at you.
    Not that many people do that though. Perhaps thats why it is great, if it happens all the time, it will become common and we will take it for granted like most thing in life.
    Stella, I didn't realised there was this anti spam question. Then I saw it when I logged off and pretend to comment. And then I went to other blogs and they have this same question. Wonderin what it is for and why orange.

    05 Oct 2005, 14:16

  4. fel

    pjjj…. i have that problem too you know.. i think people are generally not very friendly to strangers… hahahaha… i have had times when i smile to pple ..and sometimes i even WAVED at them…. but they didnt see me.. or.. pretend not to see me.. but well.. wat the heck..

    but now.. if i know the person.. i dont only smile.. when i'm in the mood.. i'll run up to them and jump on them! hahahahah.. to make sure they SEE me!! :P

    05 Oct 2005, 23:08

  5. Fel!! Ya some people seems like pretend to not see me too… i always wonder if maybe they are also afraid cause maybe they thought I might ignore them… or they are just not friendly… if it is the latter then whatever la …

    06 Oct 2005, 10:54

  6. daffy

    hey hey! let me defend all the pple who don't smile. i really am DAZING in your direction la!!!! not my fault!
    and i generally just don't look into pple's eyes. cos i dun wanna let pple think i'm eyeing them cos they're cute or something. so i just look at the ground or in the far distance which is bad cos pple think that i'm daoing them, when i'm NOT!


    07 Oct 2005, 23:48

  7. Daffy, i think most people do that to protect oneself..
    But you don't normally do that.. you were always smiling even before i know you in our first year..
    "In my first year at uni, I always see this girl who smiles back at me all the time even though I don't know her. Guess who this girl is? Miss Singapore Daffy! I didn't know her name until 2nd year but actually I already knew her as the 'smiling stranger' as a fresher

    08 Oct 2005, 10:40

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