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May 26, 2005


Just got back from uni. It has been a long full day. Went to church in the morning, then to uni to study then to gym then to study again then to work at the Arts Center. This time is DV8's Dance production which is really very cleverly done. The illusions are really good. The dance was average I would say cause I have seen better ones but this one has got the best lighting and optical illusions.

Got tagged by Daffy to do the music thingy
So here it goes…

Total volume of music files on my computer:approximately 11GB.(is that a lot or too little?)

The last CD I bought was: Revelation WiM Building Bridges CD which I actually sang in it.

Song playing right now: Show Me Your Way by Hillsong

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

1) Country Road by John Denver. Its my dad's favourite. It reminds me of how he loves singing it so loud in the shower that we can even hear it in the garden. And he was the one who taught me how to sing when I was a wee kid.

2)Qing Fei De Yi by Harlem Yu.(Afraid That I Will Fall In Love With You).' Someone said that song reminds her of me (Don't know why she thinks of me when she hears that song.We are not lesbians though!). And another lovely friend taught me the lyrics cause I couldn't read Mandarin.

3) O Holy Night…my favourite Christmas carol… It always bring a tear to my eye singing it.

4) Shi Jie Mo Ri by Jay Chou. Don't know why I like this song but I listen to it a lot when I am down even though it makes me sadder.

5) A Clare Benediction. I was in the college music club's choir and we sang that for a charity concert. It brings back so many memories of college.

The five people that I am going to pass the baton…

1. Sing Cher
2. Vicky
3. Shu Bei
4. Pei Theng
5. Anyone else who wants to do this…

The translations of the Mandarin songs is kinda funny. Guess it is true the essence is lost after translation.
There are so many more songs that I want to put into the list.. like all the lovely Rev songs ( Something Inside So Strong,He still Loves Me, My Help, Sanctuary, Trading My Sorrows, Rain Down…aaah so many), Mai Phen Rai ( Never Mind) from Chang and Eng musical, God Will Make A Way, As the Deer… never ending list from my 11GB collection…
Realized that I am really out of date in my songs collection. I seem to be listening to old songs all the time.

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