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March 21, 2005

Weekend in Leicester

The weekend has been so refreshing.
Spend the weekend away in Leicester to visit Grace and Joanne, old college mates that I haven't seen for a while. Spent Saturday with Grace walking around town.Had ice cream before lunch at Mc D. Lunch was at this fast food outlet owned by a Malaysian. The shop is called Dixie Chicken.
After lunch off we went to the market to get more food for dinner. Then went to Grace's place. It is a cosy little room with loads of pictures. My favourite is of course Grace's master piece Eifel Tower!

Maybe she can be a part time artist besides being a doctor in future.
Rested a while there eating oranges, (Yes we can't seem to stop eating.) then off we went to the suprise place that Grace told me in the e-mail. Off to feed the swans and ducks of Leicester! There were pigeons as well. Learnt a new thing that day. Grace told me pigeons always stay in pairs!!! Can you spot which pigeon is with which pigeon in the picture below?

After feeding, we sat by the river for a while just to enjoy serenity and peace. Then off we went to Morrisons to get ice cream to eat with (my first try at making) French Apple Pie.

Took a walk back to Grace's place before heading off to her boyfriend, Jack's place. He cooked us diner. He is so very sweet. Dinner was good. Rice with corn soup, pork with carrots and bitter gourd and steamed eggs. After that was Ice cream with apple pie. The crust wasn't really right but it was a good first attempt I guess. Will try again maybe on Wednesday.
After dinner, we chilled in front of the TV. TV and fruits plus good company. What better combination can I ask for. Watched some reality Tv about aspiring supermodels.
Sunday, breakfast was more apple pie and ice cream! Then off we walked to church. Met Joanne in church. She is still the same cute girl I knew in college. A kind lady in church thought us how to weave a palm leave into a cross. After mass, we went to this Chinese restaurant for buffet. The food wasn't fantastic. Jack said it was Chinese canteen food. I have to agree with him. But maybe we had too high expectations on food.

Walked around town and Grace got herself a new toy – a set of Tarot cards from Works. So you can guess what we did the rest of the afternoon. Analysing tarot cards. It is good fun but should not be taken too seriously. The first card I got was freakily accurate about some stuffs. I got card XXII Le Monde (The world), it said that I will have a new job, a new life in a new place. Grace linked that to my recent acceptance of a PWC summer internship. Coincidence?

Grace's cards were kinda accurate too. Maybe it is just generalization. Girls with crazy imagination like us probably could relate anything to everything. But it was good fun. My cards were mostly about change. I guess that is once more a very general thing because life is so dynamic, it is ever changing.
Jack cooked diner again for us. This time he cooked mashed potatoes with beef, stir fry carrots and cucumber and a bitter herbal soup which is good to cleanse the body system according to him.
Next was TV+ fruits + good company once more. Watched American Idol and The Wedding Planner. ( another typical love story, where is the originality???)
The time at Leicester ended when i had to wait for National Express which was 30 mins late. The bus was on time but the drivers needed 30 mins for coffee break! Everyone waited patiently for the drivers as they had their coffee. Fell asleep in the bus and before I know it I am back in Coventry once more. Thanks guys for a wonderful weekend!

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