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March 09, 2005

Dear Grandma..

Entered the British Council Shine Competition for international students where we have to submit a letter home to share the UK education experience. I decided to join for fun. I wrote a letter to my Grandma, she died of cancer about 7 years ago. Miss her so much. These are but some of the things I would like to tell her if she was still alive.

Hi grandma!Sometimes I still can't believe I am studying here in UK. Still remember when I was a little girl you used to tell me to study hard so I can go to a university abroad. Thanks to your advise, here I am studying under government sponsorship. I never imagine myself studying abroad because I know it is too expensive.Therefore I am deeply grateful to be here.

It is really nice to be able to experience the 4 seasons.I love watching how the seasons change from winter to spring.It has been snowing for the past few days.It is freezing cold and makes me miss the sunshine in Malaysia.I love to watch the white drops fall from the sky through the window.It reminds me of the times when I was a child and we would sit together to watch the rain from the window at home.

Now is the last week of term, and I have got loads of work.But don't worry I am now more discipline and able to manage my time effectively.I find my course very relevant to what I plan to do in future, that is to work for a Big Four Accounting firm and study for a professional accounting degree.The lecturers are very approachable and helpful.This year we have loads of group presentations which teaches me to be more confident and to think critically.

Last week I went for a summer internship program interview at PriceWaterHouse Coopers,Birmingham.Hopefully I will be able to get it and make the most of my summer here.At the moment I am learning French. It is very difficult but I really enjoy learning a new language.

This Saturday I will be singing at a concert by the Warwick Revelation Rock Gospel Choir.Being in the choir helps relief stress after a hard days work.It is a very friendly choir and everyone is very supportive. Last Christmas we sang at a Carol Service at Coventry Cathedral. Just a couple of weeks ago, we sang in the cold to collect money for the tsunami victims. It was freezing but everyone just kept singing! It was really very heartwarming and touching. And this coming Easter, I will be going to Bangor, Wales for a week with the choir! Really excited and looking forward to it as it is an event where choirs from other universities gather.

I am also active in Malaysian Society. I took part in a some cultural performances during One World Week 2004, the biggest student organized event. I did a Malay dance.It was awarded Best Performance for Asia Day.Besides that there is Malaysian Night 2004 organized by the society. I did a Chinese fan dance and'dikir barat'.For me, being part of the event as a dancer as well as part of the props team gave me the opportunity to get to know more people.It was worth it having to attend daily 3 hours practice for a month prior to the event as the event was a huge success.

As you know I have never been athletic but I joined the Badminton Club here and I have grown to love the sport very much. I even attended some coaching sessions to improve.I also made some very good friends from all over the world in this club.Friends from all over the world gives me a chance to learn more about other cultures and gives me a wider presepective of things.

I am working for the Warwick Arts Center as a volunteer steward.In addition to making a bit of pocket money,I get to watch some very good theater performances for free and the managers are really kind.

Last Christmas holiday I went to Athens, Berlin, Salzburg and Vienna. I really enjoyed myself and I feel so lucky to be able to see, experience and learn about the cultures and histories of these places. My favourite is Salzburg.Having watched the Sound of Music for like a million times,it is just so amazing to be there.The scenery just takes my breath away.It is interesting to learn about how things have changed and all the pain that war has brought.After visiting the Jewish museum in Berlin, I am just so thankful that the various races in Malaysia live in peace and harmony.

Last autumn, I had an intensive tour of London.After London, I went up to the lovely city of Edinburgh to visit an old college mate.Have I told you about my trip to Barcelona last spring?I love Barcelona.The food is really good and the people are so warm.

Last Easter,I stayed with a British family in Somerset and it gave me a taste of countryside life.Somerset is just what I imagine England to be when I read books like Little Women as a kid.I still keep in touch with the kind family I stayed with.I even had a go at church'bell ringing'when I was there.

Grandma,there are 2 things I really miss about home.First is the food.So, I have picked up cooking and I really enjoy it.I often have potlucks with friends who love to cook.The second thing I miss is you guys at home.Worry not of me because I can take care of myself now and there are good friends that I can count on.I love every moment of my university life here.Everyday is a gift – experiences and adventures awaiting.Hopefully I will become a better person and you guys at home can be proud of this little girl who has grown so much.Love you grandma.PJ

It is basically a summary of my life since coming to UK.
There are so many other things I wish to say to you, Grandma.
I want to say how sorry I am for all the times I hurt you. I want to tell you how much I miss you and more importantly how much I love you. I'm ever so grateful for all that you have done for me…

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