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October 02, 2005

Childhood Food Memories

Got tagged by Miss Daffy…
This time is childhood food memories
Let me think, childhood food memories..
1. Half boil egg – I still love it till today. I remember mum used to get those really fresh farm eggs and we would have them half boiled in the morning for my breakfast before I go to school. There are so many ways that she did it… dip it with bread, eat it with instant noodles, or just eat it as it is with a cuppa Milo ( Malaysian cocoa.).
2. Mee Suah – This is something which my hometown is famous for. It is special noodles called mee suah which is cooked with gravy, meat as well as seafood plus veg. I remember dad would buy them for supper during Chinese New Year when everyone is home. He used to do it when we were all like younger, he doesn’t anymore maybe cause he knows I will not eat anything after diner. But it was always eagerly awaited and the whole extended family will be eating them merrily.
3. Orange sweet with salt in it – Grandma used to buy them for us kids if we told her we did well in our exams or whenever she goes to the shop. I haven’t had that for ages, not sure if there are still any in sold. When I was a kid, you can get 3 sweets for 10sens which is like 1pence. I just love the taste of sweetness and saltiness mixed together. It is hard to imagine unless you try it.
4. Pickled Mango – I love pickled mango, when I was a little girl, there was a mango tree in the garden and grandma would always make pickle. There is no mango pickle like grandma’s pickle. I hated it when she would not let me eat it until the whole extended family is home. Being the naughty me, I would sneak into the kitchen when she is not around and secretly have some. And once I thought the coast was clear but then suddenly I heard her coming, I had to quickly hide in the toilet with a mouth full of pickles. I had too much that I develop stomach gastric. A few years after grandma died, dad made some pickled mango. It was good but still far, far from grandma’s pickled mangoes.
5. Curry Chicken – Mum’s specialty dish. She cooks it so often and everyone just loves it. I grew up eating it and no other curry would taste as good ever to me. Her curry is really hot and spicy. I remember my face would go all red eating it when I was a little girl. When I went home last summer, she added loads of veggie just for me because she knows I don’t eat chicken. Mum’s the Best!

ok now, got to tag people to do this … The 5 lucky people –
Sing Cher, Vicky, Charlene ( Sing Cher please tell her she has been tagged), Mus, and Shu Bei!

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