September 28, 2011

Task 2 Story Reading in PP1

Follow-up to Task 1 Memories of reading from Pippa's blog

Back again - hope I am doing this right!!

So -on PP1 I read to a Year 1 Class and I think it went very well -I enjoyed it anyway!

I chose Harry McClary books and had time to read 2 stories (the first one introducing him and his mates and the one with Zackery Quack - the duckling).

I chose these because of the age of the listeners, the lovely pictures, the rhyming 'poetry' like feel which gives them great flow, the repeats which draw children along and most of all because I love them!!

The children were engaged, occassionally over enthusiastic about commenting ('I like that one' , 'I have 2 dogs' etc...) and not being my class I was a bit unsure about rules like hand up before asking etc.. so went with the flow a bit, but it did not decend to chaos and I got out alive, so all good!

Next time I would like to choose Kipper - again cos it's great, unless of course I read to year 6, in which case Philip Pullman might be better! Mostly I think I need more practice in reading to a big group - very different from one to one reading with your own child - much more 'controlling' and more people to look at/ check up on - definitely a multi-tasking exercise!

Bye for now


Task 1 Memories of reading


First blog so here goes!!! - I am rubbish at typing so apologies in advance!!

Ok - Task 1 - memories of learning to read.

I don't remember much about initially learning to read - a bit like riding a bike - unless you fall off it all sinks into the mists of time and seems like you could always do it.

I do remember loving Roald Dahl -hope I 've spelt it right!!- books especially Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I bought them with pocket money. I since have enjoyed reading them to my own children and probably my favourite now is fantastic Mr Fox because of the lovely pictures - that tunnel map is just great.

Currently I am reading a book on Self Sufficiency - I read sporadically and am very bad at not finishing books if I am busy (most of the time!) and they don't grab me. I can however always read Jane Austin!! (sad huh!!)

I choose books randomly - fiction if it interests me and non fiction if I want/need to know something. I do love books and at home have a large library of all sorts.

Bye for now!!


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