March 15, 2006

isn't it amazing…?

I*sn't it stupifyingly incredible that all of a sudden something, anything in fact occurs to me to be of absolute paramount importnace. And why? you ask with
creeping feelings of curiosity, well : quite simply i have an essay to do. oh the glory of procrastination.

i have recently- looked in the mirror (not that outrageous, granted, but currently residing in lakeside with basically no one else but the cleaner for company my appereance isnt as pressing a detail as it might be, saying htat sh's growing on me)

– smoked a cigarette: after doing relatively well ( i said relatively) at giving up. What is worse is that i wasnt tempting to renew my acquaintance with misress marlboro, as i call her ( i don't, i swear, im kidding, come back…) as much as my desire was rekindled by that wonderful time waster that the cigarette is.

– i have also balled up socks- then played football with them. i won – they simply couldnt control the ball, what with them being completely inanimate an all. bastards.

So here i am, this is my first blog entry- i was nt overcome by a sudden swelling tumour of alturism growing within, oh no. quite the contrart, this is merely a blog of self preservation. to keep that bastard essay away.

anyway, where was i. ahh yes, that light bulb needs changing….


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