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November 24, 2005

Exciting new coding developments today!

Writing about web page

Had a meeting today with David to discuss –

  1. Our timetables and coherently updated timetables for term 2
  2. Progress, frameworks and coding developments

All things considered, we concluded that we were not far off track with the timetabling, other than my decision to delay determining administrative user needs until January. David and I will be working in parallel from week 1/2 onwards, with the preliminary determination of features to be agreed during the Christmas break.

Following on from David's research into coding frameworks, we have concluded that I will not be directly coding in JSP, but using a level of abstraction called MVC (Model View Controller) which uses tags to undertake most of the display work. In a nutshell, David sees the database and I don't!

Dangerous use of colour

Far be it from me to suggest that websites should not be colourful or indeed aesthetically pleasing (or "pretty" if you prefer), but I cannot help but notice the dangers of ignoring colour blindness. Without any wish to continually fault My.WBS, it does bring many design questions to my attention. See the example below:

1. Red on blue is used to show a new message, but to my understanding with such low contrast between the two colours, surely that text may appear near invisible to some users who suffer from colour-blindness?

2. More applicable to users generally, we have brown on brown for previously visited resources. Contrast is low to everyone, making it extremely difficult to read at a distance.

Agreed, colour can be used to help highlight the different types of posting, but it does not need to be the background colour. Options available could simply be a coloured box, or the block to the left (e.g. "13.35 Resources") in the colour.

Again, more things to be wary of in my new portal design!

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