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March 28, 2011

28 March 2011 Minutes

Meeting Minutes-Paul’s Excellent 7



WMG Syndicate Room 223

Meeting Called By: Paul’s Excellent 7

Type Of Meeting: Progress

Name of Meeting Facilitator: Yanik

List Of Attendees: Yanik, Vagelis, Ponthy, Edelen, Jan, Sakshi.


1.    Yanik

Has a problem, relating to partnerships in CSR, and wasted resources. Wants to use the concept of creating shared value to make the solving of social/environmental problems integral to what business does. So, essentially, social enterprises, and how to encourage their collaboration to make use of their greater combined resources in tackling the problems of the world, while reducing duplicative efforts. Will present more fully using slides on Friday. 62hrs/week to go.

2.    Sakshi

Started literature review, did 10 hours last week. 56hrs/week to go.

3.    Ponthy

Doing lit review. Written 2500 words. Working with the conflict of Deming’s thoughts of only having one supplier, with the risk of that. Trying to use Porter’s 5 forces to analyse, Nestle are using it. 52.5hrs/week to go.

4.    Edelen

Trying to assess innovation strategies against CSR principles/approach. Most developed CSR framework she found is from 2006. Going to critique approach regarding responsible innovation. Struggling with fitting it into word count. 58.6hrs/week to go

5.    Jan

Lit review on leadership, getting a bit lost in the literature. Has already spent 60-70 hrs on PMA as well, trying to combine Semco ideas with Deming and servant leadership. Has picture of what is possible in leadership, now trying to combine with stakeholder management and sustainable success. Now trying to work out what he needs to do regarding primary data collection. 56.5hrs/week to go.

6.    Vagelis

Has been working on PMA’s mostly. 46.5hrs/week to go.

March 19, 2011

Monday meetings…Pros and Cons

Dear team,

I have been thinking about our current meeting method (Decision Making-Should we continue like we are doing)

I was thinking that perhaps it worth compromising some more time on Mondays but making that time more effective.1 thought (alternative) is why don't we join for say 2hours and a 1/2 or 3 hours from 6:30 to 9:00 and write in a paper our current status and work for 2 hours and then giving each to minutes to say in which way they advanced.

I would like to here more alternatives or thoughts.

The pros and cons of the way we are currently managing our Research time, I perceive are:


Weekly basis is good to realize about how time is passing

Sometimes is good what others have done if someone is stocked


Not all of us are attending and perhaps is because they think it don't worth "lossing" an hour or so , to say I did anything.Perhaps some people is struggling with time management.

I think it worth keeping the minutes, but perhaps they can be a brief summary of our purpose at the beggining of the meeting and  the words we say at the end, and different people could be in charge of summarizing them.

I really would like to listen/read more options of how we can improve our results as a team and individuals.



March 15, 2011

14 March 11

Meeting Minutes-Paul’s Excellent 7



WMG Syndicate Room 112

Meeting Called By: Paul’s Excellent 7

Type Of Meeting: Progress

Name of Meeting Facilitator: Yanik

List Of Attendees:Jan, Edelen, Anna, Yanik, Vagelis, Ponthy.


1.    Ponthy

Progress in literature review, around 500 words in the last week. Mainly around definition and importance of purchasing.

2.    Edelen

Reading about innovation, going beyond green.

3.    Anna

Still focusing on solutions...she needs to stop looking for a problem to match, and find a fresh problem. Encouraged her to look at problems that leaders have with making decisions. Can SSM help? Could decision-making in general be a good way to go?

4.    Yanik

STILL stuck for a topic. Looked at a broad range of areas without getting too far: strategy, excellence, marketing, the business case, etc. Ede has a an article that she thinks will help, will send it to me.

5.    Vagelis

Planning to have 1/3 of project done in the next two weeks! Justified why SME’s should scan external environment, and how. Best practice, etc. Moving onto strategic management, networking, internationalization.

Summary Of Discussion and Conclusions:

A summary of the others’ problems, for the benefit of Yanik and Anna, who are still struggling to define theirs:

·    Vagelis - SME’s in Greece have really bad performance, due to the crisis.

·    Edelen - Performance of Mexican SME’s not good, esp innovation. CSR misunderstood, and people don’t believe it.

·    Jan - No sustainable success in manufacturing, because balance of stakeholder management is bad, caused in part by poor leadership.

·    Ponthy – MNC’s in developing countries manage suppliers badly, need more of a partnership.

Action Items and Deadlines:

Everyone to continue work alongside RDM. Yanik has set self deadline of submitting outline by next Monday’s meeting. Would like the rest of the team to help him enforce this, or question/punish failure later! ;-) Thanks.

March 10, 2011

7 March 2010

Meeting Minutes-Paul’s Excellent 7



WMG common Room

Meeting Called By: Paul’s Excellent 7

Type Of Meeting: Progress

Name of Meeting Facilitator: Yanik

List Of Attendees: Yanik, Jan, Vagelis, Anna


1.    Anna

She has come up with a topic, but has no problem or evidence to back it up. Needs to read a lot! And more than just self-improvement books! Look for journal articles for problems in leadership in business and politics. Finding a problem is the first step! And we want to see one next week.

2.    Jan

Has made some progress on literature review. The book relating direct to the project subject is proving useful.

3.    Vagelis

Has also found a book very close to the subject of his project, relating to competitive advantage in SME’s.

4.    Yanik

Still hasn’t submitted outline, but now getting there, and really hoping to do so at the end of RDM. Came across the work of a foundation in London (named GlobalCool) that is using market segmentation as an approach for convincing people to make greener life choices.

5.    Poor Attendance

We were all a bit disappointed that the others didn’t make it, all for the reason that they were working on PMA’s!

Summary Of Discussion and Conclusions:

Everyone to continue as they are, Anna really needs to do some reading around her topic particularly.

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