February 02, 2011


Writing about web page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser


Grateful me…

I was reflecting on my project and I feel, as I want to thank you EVERYONE

Perhaps the best is still to come…but now

I feel pleased for Paul’s idea of this r ript type="text/javascript" src="http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/blogbuilder/media/js/tiny_mce3/themes/advanced/langs/en.js"> // --> esearch group and I also want to thank every time he asked me what am I planning to do at the END (Purpose)

I want to thank you all; because of what till the moment you have shared with me. Knowing the similarities and differences of our projects have make me think about what in some proportion is interesting to the World (India, China, Greece, Indonesia, Germany…) It has been enjoyable to discuss about China, with someone who is Chinese. I also enjoy when “Greece and Germany are discussing”

I perceive how sustainability is really becoming a “must” and people are waking up, starting to be conscious about some different values. Balance, seems like is key in every human activity (stakeholders management)

It is respectable seeing that people want to improve (competitiveness), but I have to say that also the differences have nourished my work, when I listen Vangelis talking about competitiveness, he really make me think if that was the end of contribution of my work as well.

What you have shared with me guys (although might be not believable) have make me understand better my project interest and to narrow it.


A laser is a device that emits light (electromagnetic radiation) through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of photons. The term "laser" originated as an acronym for Ligh 034;text/javascript" src="http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/blogbuilder/media/js/tiny_mce3/plugins/medialink/langs/en.js"> // --> t Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. [1][2] The emitted laser light is notable for its high degree of spatial and temporal coherence, unattainable using other technologies.

Spatial coherence typically is expressed through the output being a narrow beam, which is diffraction-limited, often a so-called "pencil beam." Laser beams can be focused to very tiny spots, achieving a very high irradiance. Or they can be launched into a beam of very low divergence in order to concentrate their power at a large distance.

(Do not believe me I took this definition form Wikipedia)


…I mean Definitions/Concepts/Borders are defined by what things are and what they are not. Hence, asking myself if my project is about something you are discussing about yours (or trying to find a way in which it can be useful, link ideas etc.) have make me understand much better my topic interest

I hope you are gaining as much as I feel I m gaining from being involved


Danke schön!

Sas efharisto poli!

Terima kasih!

Xie xie!



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  1. The UK doesn’t get a mention?! What’s up with that – do you not value me Edelen? :P

    Also, look at Vagelis’ blog (Describing Life at WMG) – combining his worries, with your idea for focus, I feel like I need at least 5 lasers at any one time…!

    Guys (especially if you’re looking at CSR/sustainability at all), you might find this website useful: http://www.developmentcrossing.com/

    02 Feb 2011, 15:44

  2. Yanik! I feel awful! That is totally true i made the assumption of UK, because I m here but at the end I put Cheers! That was for you and Paul!

    02 Feb 2011, 16:45

  3. Haha, I was only teasing :P I knew it was implied…

    02 Feb 2011, 17:07

  4. Dear Edelen, for me, I think the biggest enemy is self. What is the purpose of competitiveness ? Try to beat others , then we win ? Perhaps not. Competitiveness is to beat self then we can improve self. Win-win is our purpose. This is just my thinking. I do not know whether it is can help you a little. But I am happy to share you this. Ha… have a good weekend.

    04 Feb 2011, 16:35

  5. I just wanted to add something here, maybe this might seem random, but I believe it’s worth sharing (I reminded it myself cause Yaqin mentioned ‘beating ourselves’). There is a saying that:

    ‘The real mastery of control is when you are able to control yourself’.

    I heard it a few times but don’t know who said it…

    04 Feb 2011, 19:14

  6. Edelene I would like to join you in saying thank you and give it also back to you. This group is always refreshing and I see a high potential in it and its members. And sure there might be several lasers required at the moment Yanik but come on it is a challenge to proof ourself and that is why we are here or at least me. Control yourself is a good point Yaqin. In Germany we call it: ” Der innere Schweinehund” who must be overcome ( Schweinehund = pigdog) also can be translated as inner temptation as far as I am aware. So yes in the end it is a challenge against oneself and it is just you who can win that fight. But it is good to know having people around giving you a helping hand but you are the one who need to grab it. And there I see the purpose of the group: 6 helping hands. And all have the same aim, getting a master’s degree.

    Regarding the German-Greek discussion, that is what I am really enjoying :D Thx Vageli my dear crazy Greek friend…

    So I am looking forward to see hopefully all of you at our meeting on Monday and would like to announce presenting my proposal, which may take a bit longer than 5 minutes ;)

    05 Feb 2011, 01:23

  7. Dear team. Sorry for my late contribution but I was ill and I didn¢t have time to get and check blogs.
    My dear EDE competitiveness is something that I really hate. I am strongly with Deming¢s side who says that cooperation can bring excellence. For that reason I quote something that I have found about competitiveness:
    “ Globalization will be an instrument of peace, growth, progress and prosperity. Competitiveness is viewed as a marathon to achieve and sustain excellence “
    For achieving that we need ethics, strong leadership (Jan, Ann), excellence (Ponty) and of course sustainability. Then competitiveness will transform in cooperation. CSR will play fundamental role on that (EDE, Yaniq).
    Yes i am very happy working with you. As far as the conversations with the German friend i have to say that it is really enjoyable. Ian my dear friend i love you.
    We are a team and the individuals of the system should work together. We create synergy and we will all have better results in our results.
    Thank you everyone and let amaze Paul with our presentations this week

    06 Feb 2011, 19:41

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