February 15, 2011

31 Jan 11 Minutes

Meeting Minutes-Paul’s Excellent 7


18.30 – 20.00

WMG Syndicate Room 013

Meeting Called By: Paul’s Excellent 7

Type Of Meeting: Progress

Name of Meeting Facilitator: Yanik

Timekeeper: Vagelis

List Of Attendees: Yanik, Jan, Vagelis, Anna, Edelen, Ponthy


1.    General Progress:

Vagelis has received feedback, and his intro is essentially done. Everyone else is on the way, and most people expect to be finished with their outline by the middle of next week. Awaiting an email from Paul to confirm a deadline for submission, and how the presentation meeting will run. Have thought about whether to include things from ReMe that Paul hasn’t asked for. Some have decided it is appropriate for their project, others think it is not necessary at this stage.

2.    Meeting Structure:

We spent a very long time meeting last week, needed a better structure. Have decided together that we should limit how long one person can present their project, to 5 minutes max. There will then be 5 minutes max to discuss their issues, before we move on. Vagelis will time this strictly. If there is time later to pick up issues, that is always a possibility, but there is not time to meet for an hour and a half every week.

Also, if someone doesn’t have anything to say one week, that is not a problem. We are all aware that being part of the project group generates guilt in an informal way, in those who haven’t worked much lately!

Yanik will write all minutes from now onwards, as he has the natural advantage! And doesn’t mind doing it.

3.    Jan

Has been thinking about career impact (wants to become leader, needs to understand stakeholders first), risk (time, lack of data (quantity and right type), resource requirements. Now going on to dissertation structure and research methodology.

Has finished mindmap for initial lit review, 8000 words! Has started writing introduction, mentioning the recent Davos forum and the number of leaders present. Mentioned that Vineet Nayar said he now saw a light at the end of the tunnel – people are changing the way they think about business, which links with Jan’s reading/thoughts on stakeholder management.

Has research question, and four supporting objectives, scope defined, but acknowledges the global reach of companies operating here and Germany goes much further. Manufacturing focus, but also financial/service examples. Discussion and feedback followed. He has set deadline of 20th March to complete lit review, hoping he won’t need to survey/interview.

4.    Ponthy

Been looking at research methodology also. Needs data, observation (secondary data – from himself) and primary data (so, interviewing current workers, but how many is enough?).

Objective is to investigate supplier development from traditional view moving towards partnership ideal. Worried about what kind of access he can get to Nestle – if it is limited, his case study approach will not add value to project. If he can’t get access, Plan B will be to widen approach to other MNC’s and do a literature review.

5.    Edelen

Has found a (Joni Mitchell?) song for her introduction! The music reflects (un)consciousness of the time, was written in the 70’s – shows that even then, there was an understanding of CSR, and the importance of doing right by people and the environment.

Found article on China vs Mexico, looked at recent growth, and lack of it in Mexico. Author said it’s due to Mexican output lacking added value.

Her question has developed somewhat from its original form, with more crossover with Jan potentially. Also, she’s looking at if there’s a crossover between top 10 CSR companies and top 10 innovators? Could a guidance framework work for both CSR and innovation simultaneously?

A lot of sub-questions defined to investigate, but she is confident it is not too many. 6 objectives defined. Group felt there might be too much content, and not enough flow between them. She might need to narrow her focus.

Summary Of Discussion and Conclusions:

Most people are making good progress, and Vagelis is far ahead of everyone. Yanik, Anna, and possibly Sakshi (we don’t know), need to put a lot of work in this week to make sure they are on track with their project outlines, and ready to present something next week.

Action Items and Deadlines:

Project outlines are the priority, for everyone. Waiting for Paul to set a new deadline, but otherwise assuming that he’ll want them by 9th Feb (a week tomorrow!) so he has time to look before the Group Presentation meeting on the 11th.

Good luck everybody! See you, same time, same place next week. Varsity for dinner and drinks afterwards?

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  1. Thank you guys for the minutes. Yesterday i came back home for getting a sleep and come but i was ill and i over slept. Sorry for not informing…......... I feel terreble. Really…..... Ede again song? Are you sure you want to become a manager. You may wish to see the artist perspective. I agree with the minutes. And i think that i have lost a great meeting. Sorry again for that…......... I may buy the drinks next time in varsity to pay back…..

    Kisses to the best team i have ever worked in.

    15 Feb 2011, 21:13

  2. Dear, dear,

    I hope you are O.K. now

    Song again?

    I don’t really want to become a manager, but a leader.

    I already experienced my “artist” side and I m certainly still doing it.
    But I want to develop other skills.To challenge my self, that is the reason why I m here


    15 Feb 2011, 21:35

  3. Ede you have achieeved to be a leader of me…. I follow you my dear dear….


    15 Feb 2011, 22:33

  4. Mmmm, I changed my mind about what I said, I do also want to become a Manager. Management for Business Excellence…

    27 Feb 2011, 17:33

  5. EDE if we think Leader and Manager is two different things. In two weeks you get from the one edge to the other…....................... This is an artistic way of thinking. Going from one aspect to the other…..................I insist on you looking at being an artist. . . I think you have a talent.


    But also you can be an artist of Management of Excellence…............

    27 Feb 2011, 17:41

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