January 21, 2011

17 January Meeting

Meeting Minutes-Paul’s Excellent 7



WMG Common Room

Meeting Called By: Paul’s Excellent 7

Type Of Meeting: Progress

Name of Meeting Facilitator: Yanik

List Of Attendees:


Vagelis K.




1.   General Business

Discussion of managing various commitments and where we are. Jan looking into booking syndicate room permanently. First ‘proper’ meeting.

2.   Absent Members

We were disappointed that only four people made it today. We contacted everyone, or they emailed us. Mostly, they had forgotten.

3.   Yanik

No progress on project, last week spent on PMA and module. Have been reading Sustainability blog for ideas. Will be working on project during the next week.

4.   Jan

Re-did study plan. Has done initial literature review, hard to narrow focus from lean, leadership and stakeholders. Main interest with latter, so got rid of lean. Taking a stakeholder management approach, so all stakeholders benefit, not just shareholders – this is where leadership comes in…strategy. Lean still has a place.

Now trying to define problem regarding level of stakeholders – primary, secondary, or difference between. Next problem – work out research methodology. Further work on literature required first though. Not sure about scope – UK, Germany, Europe? SME’s/big company?

5.   Vagelis

Gave advice – keep your initial lit review based on problems, not solutions. Has already submitted proposal! Wanted to use EFQM to measure competitiveness of Greek SME’s, not possible in time limits though. Greek organisations not competitive compared with rest of world, less so than previously. Only 7% of them better than the average American company.

Will look at literature on competitiveness. Wants to now try to create framework for getting Greece competitive, and how EFQM then might compare – identify methods/tools to improve. Hopes to introduce into Greek SME for one month, and get feedback. Aware he might meet resistance within company.

6.   Edelen

Has article on Chinese growth – unsustainable. Country will suffer, rising social tensions. Due to lack of innovation and creativity, sustainability. Will link to Mexico. Has links to Jan (sustainability of business) and Vagelis (improving competitiveness locally).

Hopes to find necessary info in literature, but otherwise might use case study approach. Innovation hard to ‘implement’, need to find a way of doing so - a plan for responsible development.

Summary Of Discussion:

General progress discussed.


Most of those who attended are in good shape, and finding to time to work on the project. We had a very good meeting, and wish the others could have been there to benefit too.

Action Items:

Everyone needs to carry on with project work, remembering that the deadline we set for proposal submission is next Wednesday (26th).

Also, Jan is looking into booking a syndicate room for us to regularly use on Monday evenings.

Next Meeting: 7pm in WMG Common Room (unless Jan says otherwise). Yanik will be late, he is already attending a lecture from a guest speaker from 6pm till 7.30 (part of the Distinguished Lecture Series – Lloyds Bank CEO, if anyone else is interested).

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  1. Hey!

    I’ve done a decision.For the next meeting I need/want to stand as in a presentation, because I need to improve my presentation skills, as well as the way in which I communicate what I have to say.I think its going to be useful for me to improve my public speaking skills.I m posting this now, because otherwise perhaps I wont do it.Now, as I have written it and share that with you, it has become a commitment.


    Lets go for it!

    21 Jan 2011, 14:14

  2. Ohhh! I omitted I would like to do that “every meeting” (not just talking about it) , because I believe practicing is the only way to improve on that and to my mind thats a good opportunity!

    Thank you!

    21 Jan 2011, 14:18

  3. That’s cool Edelen, I’m looking forward to it. It will help you a LOT to prepare that much for every week!

    22 Jan 2011, 14:38

  4. Ah excellent idea. In my eyes everyone should present his work in presentation manner. So stand up go to the front, maybe drawing some sketches and so on, because we have a room now. :) Everyone will benefit from it also the people already have good skills. You cannot have enough practice.

    And nice minutes Yanik…

    22 Jan 2011, 17:30

  5. This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

    28 Jan 2011, 20:00

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