June 16, 2011

16/06/11 Research Progress Meeting

Meeting Minutes-Paul’s Excellent 7




Meeting Called By: Paul’s Excellent 7

Type Of Meeting: Progress

Name of Meeting Facilitator: Yanik

List Of Attendees: Yanik, Ponthy, Anna, Sakshi, Jan, Edelen


1. Anna

Struggling to finalise objectives, and not sure about research methodology. She now realizes she may not necessarily need to do interviews or a case study – it can be literature based. Has too many ideas and potential objectives, she needs to narrow them down to three or four, and then go into them deeply. Jan: “Just get rid of that!”. Think about the state of corruption in China at the moment and why it is bad, current approaches to fighting it, and how leadership/SOPK can help to fight it. Build a logical flow along those lines.

2. Yanik

Has been focusing on research methodology for the literature review lately. Explained why he has been going into so much depth with it, and hoping to get back on the lit review soon. Lost some time due to illness/fatigue.

3. Ponthy

Re-structured lit review after Paul’s comments, using affinity diagrams to group ideas. Thinking about the justification for the methodology of his interviews. Will also need an implementation model for application in Indonesia, along with criteria for assessing it. Has to keep asking why! Got around 12,000 words for lit review so far.

4. Edelen

Re-wrote introduction, now working on research methodology and literature review. Has a lot of information, but recently found some areas that she was lacking in. Will submit some to Paul soon.

5. Sakshi

Changed question recently to how CSR is being used for greenwashing. Started with a case study approach, but will now look more at case histories, with a view to creating a framework than be applied in most companies.

6. Jan

Thinking about re-doing research methodology for lit review – it might need condensing anyway. Has submitted first 1/3 of lit review, got it back and reworked it.

Action Items and Deadlines:

Next meeting, 30th June, 6.30pm, IMC004

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  1. My friends. . . . Sorry for not being there with you…........... Even through skype but i was ill for 4 days having some soup from my mother and trying to work with fever. . . .
    However i i want to point out my progress and comment on yours. . . .
    Is working on research methodology. Has supported all the steps of the research methodology with literature review. And until the end of the week will send a wholistic research methodology to Paul. Lost some time due to illness and party life of Greece (I am joking for the second)...... . . Also has approached the SME for the implementation and had some first discussions. .. . that is to say the first data has been gained.

    Anna: I will agree with Ian. . . . He is my love.
    Yanik: Get well soon. . . . keep a balance between depth, time and word limit….....................
    Ponthy: I am doing excactly the same. I have read all the book of Yin. I think it will help you to find a way so that you can find justifcations and way to develop criteria. . . .
    Ede: I hope you had some fights (xixiixixix). I think that what i have said to Yanik can be applied to your case. Please control your artistic mind…....... :)
    Sakshi:Looking at case histories do not fall in the sellection bias. There can be histories that were less or no effective but have a lot to say
    Jan: You know my comment for research methodology. Find a way to keep the balance. . . .

    I miss you all…............ I miss the team…..... I miss MBE….....

    21 Jun 2011, 06:57

  2. Hi, friends, thanks all, thanks helps here. Thanks vegalis. I just left one objective and ‘get rid of ’ the others. I have lots of directions…...but how to restructure a new clear one….I was thinking about that…......

    21 Jun 2011, 22:27

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