November 24, 2004

My First Entry

From the times where the leaves were green to now when they have dried up and landed on the ground, It seems that I have been through 2 mths already in University. Well, the feeling is that it has gone on very quickly and I felt that I could do much more than I have been able to have done now. I have somehow managed to figure out a time schedule for myself by now, and coping pretty well with the workload I am burdened with every week. Everything seems to have fallen into such a routine and I have been living with it for quite a while already that I do not feel much different now.

The life that I am now experiencing through is one that feels fresh yet quite amazing that I am now having to live not on the halls of residence as I have been used to it for most of my secondary education. I finally get to feel the sense that I have to be decisive and careful in my process of analysis and making conclusions as this will have a large effect on the future outcome. Today, I have accompanied my future- housemates to visit several houses of my choice, one which seemed to look quite unique in terms of the design outside, but feels alright as long as |I stepped into it. However, we were all deceived by the furnished exterior, and were quite disappointed at the condition of the interior where we saw some lack of maintenance and inefficient us e of space.

Also, I find myself in need of self-control and to be less tempted to use the computer. I think I will plan to switch off and lock up my computer once in a week so that I can really get my mind into the mode of work. I need to do this soon as I know that if I do not carry out an action plan asap, my academic studies will be affected by this and I will not let this happen. I need CONCENTRATION! That is the problem of all this and I will sort this out soon.

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