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October 05, 2006

Really, really important for effective management in HE?

Was mildly diverted and perplexed by the following post to the Admin-Planning mailbase:

At XXXX University we are currently developing a Decision Support/Business Intelligence system to provide strategic management information to all levels of decision makers. We are, at present, rolling out a BI Toolset which allows users to produce and share trend based analysis, KPI’s through a web based environment. Part of the toolset includes the ability to disseminate information through subject specific Dashboards whilst still maintaining the ability to further analyse it.

Leaving aside the jargon and split infinitive the bit that I find most surprising is that this system is provided to “all levels of decision makers”. All levels? Does this mean that everyone who takes any kind of decision (eg baked potato fillings on Thursdays) needs their own Dashboard?

Sometimes these things go just a little too far!

July 19, 2006

What makes a good administrator? (All comments welcome)

Am presenting a session at next week's Warwick Network on this particular topic. Now I do have plenty to say on the subject but was interested in what others might think.

Am especially interested in relation to the issue of the adoption of or engagement with (or indeed comprehension of) new technologies etc. So, does a good administrator have to be in the vanguard of IT developments or is it simply enough that s/he is comfortable leading or embracing change, whether in IT or anything else?

And is there something different about University administrators?

April 13, 2006

AUA Conference 2006: Queen's University Belfast (cont)

Good to see that some people can behave in a civilised fashion at a drinks reception:

Steve, Judith, Chris

AUA Conference 2006: Queen's University Belfast

One of the highlights for me of this year's conference was the video link from the dinner venue – where the speakers were – to the Whitla Hall where around a third of delegates were seated (split dinners, generally a bad idea). Anyway, the scale of the whole thing just made it rather scary:

AUA Big Brother?

February 15, 2006

Blokes with beards

Follow-up to "Administrator" appointed New Chief Exec of HEFCE from Prole Art Threat

Looking at the HEFCE mugshots there are also at least three of his new colleagues who could double for him at a pinch:


"Administrator" appointed New Chief Exec of HEFCE

Writing about web page

So, David Eastwood is to replace Howard Newby.

Although he has a very credible academic record, I suspect he does not habitually describe himself as the Minister sees him:

Higher Education Minister Bill Rammell said: 'I welcome Professor Eastwood to his new post. He has a distinguished record both as an academic and as a university administrator.

November 18, 2005

Nanny state?

Writing about web page

This exciting new product is offered by a spinout from the University of Glamorgan and claims to offer massive benefits in terms of student retention

There may be some design issues causing customer confusion though…

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