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November 14, 2008

Louis MacNeice

Flash fiction and general work not going well. So I went to Louis MacNeice for comfort. He succeeds every time.

Corner Seat

Suspended in a moving night

The face in the reflected train

Looks at first sight as self-assured

As your own face - but look again:

Windows between you and the world

Keep out the cold, keep out the fright;

Then why does your reflection seem

So lonely in the moving night?

- Louis MacNeice.

If you liked that, other poems to check out, apart from the obvious 'Snow', are 'Wolves'; 'The Mixer'; 'Cradle Song For Eleanor'; 'Prayer before Birth'; 'Selva Oscura'; 'Nature Notes'; ''Coda' and Part V from 'The Closing Album'

Enjoy x