September 20, 2011

Card sets

I was thinking about card sets for my learners, and contemplating using cards they could write themselves in the class. They could then keep them for use in games etc. This led me onto playing cards. I was wondering about explaining the picture cards - King, Queen, Jack - as tens and Ace as either one or eleven. I then realised that they would be good as an introduction to the substitution of numbers for symbols.

The symbols are well established, and wouldn't take much explanation anyway.

K + 1 = 11 for example. This could be examined through games like Pontoon.

Also, as Ace = either one or eleven, it could also be used to illustrate simple algebra with A being unknown, but still simply either 1 or 11.

August 18, 2011

The Mozart Effect

I wonder if playing classical music - particularly Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major K. 448 - has a beneficial effect? This Wikipedia article says that some research has been done into the effect and has indicated some improvement in spatial temporal reasoning.

It does go on to give a balanced view with headings such as The Limitations of the effect.

Well, even if it has no mathematical effect, it would be nice to listen to music in the classroom during individual and smaller group work time.

First Post


I've just completed the signup procedure for the L5 Numeracy at Warwick based at the Lifelong Learning centre, so I thought I'd give the new blog a whirl.

It seems pretty easy to use so far.

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