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June 12, 2005

Dear diary:

Last Friday saw the final Crash of term, and with it Protocol{insert arbitrary number here}'s 3rd ever gig, playing on the marketplace stage. The gig was good fun: we screwed up a new song but nobody seemed to noticably notice, which makes it less embarrassing. Having to lug all of our gear (and we have a lot of it!) offstage and up two floors as soon as we'd finished was a bit rubbish: we need more roadies, preferably dressed in silly hats (more on that later).

Photos (courtesy of Ollie and Chaz)

OOOoooooooooooooooh, pretty lights… we look like the blimmin Chemical Brothers in that photo, supercool!

If you were in the Graduate on Friday and couldnt find a free stool to sit down on, we can but apologise.

This lord was The Modern's introducer/roadie/dancer. He was a bit odd, and besides: a grey top hat with a black 3-piece suit? Foolish honky! Silly hat indeed.

As for the Modern, they had songs about discotheques and such like. As for their singer: before soundcheck I bounded across the marketplace floor towards who I thought was Amy (our singer) but, halfway across, realised it wasn't actually Amy at all, and that it was too late to pretend like I wasn't bounding towards her like a proud, wet labrador with a freshly retrieved stick. To her credit she was friendly and pretty down-to-earth.

Err, yes. Yet more glowsticks, constructed into a chain that puts even Mr. T to shame. But it's all about putting them in your laces:

Oh yes, the promise of silly hats. I'll even throw in Ollie's Ibanez Jamitar and a few glowsticks for good measure. Here ya go:

Cheers Milly

June 01, 2005

Gramophone Karaoke

Today I was privileged enough to pick up a copy of the all-new, shiny, cellophane-wrapped-incase-of-yoghurt-and/or-overexcitement Unreal Coriander EP. You should buy it. It will make your life better, and your ears will want to kiss you, and they would, if it weren't for their lack of mobility and being permanently attached to the sides of your head. So do your ears a favour and have someone else kiss them.

The official launch party is tomorrow night (thats June 2nd) at the Jug and Jester, featuring Interlooper (The Carter ManHoover/Interloper 2 man set), The Soft Verges (duffelcoatbeardmandolinacoustica) Slybob (Awesome, awesome band, with the best male singe this side of Jeff Buckley AND they're named after a dog who cunningly saw fit to empty its bottom into someones shoe) and of course Unreal Coriander (show drummer Alex a spatula and watch his eyes light up like an excited nine year old whos just seen his first pair of boobies. Not his, obviously. Somebody elses. Of the XX persuasion).

Apparently its FREE to get in, the first 10 people to buy a CD get a free yoghurt and if you ask me nicely I might do some juggling, just for you. And the beast that is the newly expanded Bandsoc PA (currently £2,400 worth of Behringer knobs, dials and tweeters) will be getting its first outing. So you'll be getting a free spine massage into the bargain too.

Here's a picture of Charles to tempt you:

Whilst we're tenuously on the topic karaoke, myself, RichD and Hywel (the Replica X axemen) sang God Gave Rock n Roll to You at the dog and trumpet last night. Apparently we weren't that bad. Apparently.

A cunningly devised ploy to get more people to look at my photos…

I've had my pbase account for a year and a half now, and in that time I've managed to fill it with 3500 photos of bands, hats, otters and the occassional attempt at what some might describe as photography. Alledgedly thev'e been viewed over 100,000 times. (And yet only 37 comments, 3 of which were insults.)

This simply won't do. There must be a better use for this vast resource of slightly blurred pictures of guitarists and prop-related shenanigans. Thankfully, funk house resident Ric Shelton has devised the following:

The Bandsoc Drinking Game !

You need:
1) Alcohol. Lots!
2) A computer + net access
3) for maximum fun (read, drinkage), be affiliated with bandsoc, pref in a band

Righty: the rules! First get your drinks sorted, then go to:

Everytime you refresh the page, you get 4 random photographs. Each time you refresh the page you start a new round of the game. Click on each pic in turn, and drink when any of the following are in one of the pics:

1 Finger (for each!) for

A Female
A member of a band who have won Botb

2 Fingers (again for each) for

Otter in glowstick ball
BandSoc Presidents (past & present)
A half-naked guy (either half is fine )
Swedish flag(s)

Consume for

Yourself performing
Your boyfriend/girlfriend/someone you've slept with

For health reasons, I recommend that Ollie or James from Interloper/TCM do not play hehe (Pablos collection is 50% Ollie, James also seems to come up loads).

If there's any disputes, everyone drinks. Peeps can refill between rounds. Enjoy!


I've not yet dare attempt this (a trip to the hospital tends to hamper revision somewhat) but it sounds like immensely drunken fun. For example, in 3 refreshes I've got:

Pablo (so thats myself, Pablo and president of Bandsoc all ticked)= 1 drink+4 fingers
Glowsticks= 1 finger
RichD of Replica X (winner of BotB)= 1 finger
Ollie x3 (who is also a winner of BotB)= 6 fingers

Total of 1 drink and twelve fingers.

Week 10 should be fun $:{o-

Please feel free to leave a comment on any of the photos!

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