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May 21, 2005


So yeah, a recent hard drive error led to 20 gigs of music, almost all of my photos and some precious Photoshop artwork being erased. Boo.

Whats even more rubbish is it deleted most of the music that I actually listen to. However this has led me to actually listening to a lot of the stuff I downloaded on a whim and never had the time/inclination to listen to, until now. Circumstance is introducing me to some gems I never realised I had.

Now, I hate stereotypes as much as the next person but if it hadn't been for flouncy scarf-wearing indie types (the types who reckon Bright Eyes is actually anything other than moping depressive droll) raving about how My Vitriol "filled the void left by Esoteric Handbag Sandwich" (or other such obscure indie bands I've never heard of) I would have been more inclined to give them a proper listen. 'Always your way' was a cracker and 'Grounded' was so-so (though the video was cool) then they kinda disappeared for many a year, and after a few occassions of seeing their album and reminding myself that I should buy it sometime they slipped from memory. Which is a shame cos they're actually pretty darn decent.

In other news I have a new otter. He still needs a suitably Viking name like Vårklaad, but he is filled with rice and makes a half-decent shaker.

I need a hobby. A proper one.

May 02, 2005


It's come to my attention that people actually look here and read stuff I've written. Go me.

So I thought it was time I added some more things for your general entertainment/perusal. Theres a few more pictures. They're quite fun.
I'm guessing most people will have read/ be aware of Mr. Carter's banned work, and probably picked at its edges a bit. I just found it funny and reassuring that I'm not the only one who is galled by the general suckiness of the vast majority of others. (disclaimer: this is of course subjective and depends on the individual point of view, the self/other duality etc.). But what I found funniest was the fact he was practically giving a police-match description of one of my housemates. I'll get a pic of her bedroom at some point. I was never aware of some of the tack the Winnie the Pooh merchandisers have churned out over the years but sure enough, most of it seems to have gravitated to her shelves. I mean, a novelty phone? We can't even make outgoing calls on the landline!

Bah. Don't mind me, I'm in a rubbish mood. I'll put something slightly more constructive/informative up here sometime soon, hon-est

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