June 01, 2005

Gramophone Karaoke

Today I was privileged enough to pick up a copy of the all-new, shiny, cellophane-wrapped-incase-of-yoghurt-and/or-overexcitement Unreal Coriander EP. You should buy it. It will make your life better, and your ears will want to kiss you, and they would, if it weren't for their lack of mobility and being permanently attached to the sides of your head. So do your ears a favour and have someone else kiss them.

The official launch party is tomorrow night (thats June 2nd) at the Jug and Jester, featuring Interlooper (The Carter ManHoover/Interloper 2 man set), The Soft Verges (duffelcoatbeardmandolinacoustica) Slybob (Awesome, awesome band, with the best male singe this side of Jeff Buckley AND they're named after a dog who cunningly saw fit to empty its bottom into someones shoe) and of course Unreal Coriander (show drummer Alex a spatula and watch his eyes light up like an excited nine year old whos just seen his first pair of boobies. Not his, obviously. Somebody elses. Of the XX persuasion).

Apparently its FREE to get in, the first 10 people to buy a CD get a free yoghurt and if you ask me nicely I might do some juggling, just for you. And the beast that is the newly expanded Bandsoc PA (currently £2,400 worth of Behringer knobs, dials and tweeters) will be getting its first outing. So you'll be getting a free spine massage into the bargain too.

Here's a picture of Charles to tempt you:

Whilst we're tenuously on the topic karaoke, myself, RichD and Hywel (the Replica X axemen) sang God Gave Rock n Roll to You at the dog and trumpet last night. Apparently we weren't that bad. Apparently.

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  1. aw, you were awesome. 3 part harmonies were excellent _

    btw, there is no visible picture of charles.

    01 Jun 2005, 22:54

  2. Curse this fiddly mark-up language!

    Shazam! Charles is visible

    01 Jun 2005, 23:18

  3. …. Put it in the soo-ouls of everyone

    bravo. We must do it again sometime

    01 Jun 2005, 23:37

  4. Casper

    I suggest party after gig involving Bandsoc drinking game! Nominate funk-hous or Claire's. My housemates have exams on friday! :(

    02 Jun 2005, 00:50

  5. Pablo

    Bah, I have a stupid Saturday morning exam to revise for. Tempting as the funk house sofa is, I fear Friday would be spent drinking tea and regailing Aron with tales of adventures past rather than with my nose in my notes furiously learning the inner workings of the Ramsey model

    02 Jun 2005, 16:54

  6. what's with the swedish flags?

    14 Jul 2005, 20:50

  7. Sweden: a wondrous land of vikings, shred metal, saunas, volvos, reindeer and pickled herring. Its a big Bandsoc in-joke. The flags came from the pub I work at; we had a special Swedish promotion, I nabbed a bag of about 100. And some badges. No viking helmet though

    14 Jul 2005, 22:20

  8. you've forgotten the most important thing every to come out of sweden – kopparbergs päroncider! and me of course

    15 Jul 2005, 10:30

  9. chad

    I like the swedish triplets in last years playboy…

    06 Apr 2006, 16:59

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