March 10, 2005

Battle of the Bands Final

Fuck yeah! Battle of the Bands final was last night and theres a grin still superglued to my face!

It was, simply put, one of the best nights I have ever had, ever. Infact the only two occassions I can think to match it were Radiohead at FIB2002 and a very romantic Valentines Day two years ago. (we broke up six weeks later, but hey. I've only been single ever since :s )
The atmosphere, the bands, the sound, (the alcohol!) everything was just so off the scale I struggle to find superlatives to relate it to. And whats more Bandsoc made a killing on the door takings too… mmmmm money, sweet, sweet money!
For anyone who doesnt know, Replica X came out as worthy winners, their set just blew me away. These guys are better than the Darkness, all they need more catsuits and spandex. And Pink Spider, I now see why you get all the praise you do and I agree; you spaz out hard on stage and your really quite good music backs it up! The afterparty at Chateau Lego had all the right ingredients for a great party: groovy people, LOTS of glowsticks, a game of Casperoo involving every pair of shoes in the house, a trip to Tesco at 3am to buy nine pizzas and six litres of Coke and, the secret ingredient to any self-respecting shindig; Swedish neo-classical melodic speed-metal!
I didnt go to sleep and only managed to catch 3 hours kip before getting back up to sort out the photos from the night before and make it to the Bandsoc meeting for the new exec elections, which quite ingeniously was moved three and a half hours later than usual to accomodate for post BotB-Final hangovers. I'm now the new Bandsoc president! Awesome; who needs a degree anyway?

I'm having serious doubts over what I want to do when I leave, every careers e-mail I get seems to be from some bank or other looking for "leaders of tomorrow" or "highly motivated go-getters with a passion for investment". A career in Investment Banking or Chartered Accountancy doesnt seem something I want to do with my life. I saw a programme today following six college kids on a trip to Cambodia; it costs £110 to send a child to secondary school FOR A YEAR. Yet thats impossible if you're families income is only £4 a week. Many of the girls end up working in sweatshops, living in terrible conditions for a slave wage, or are forced into prostitution at a horrifically young age. There are tens of millions of children in the world without access to education, and it would cost £3.4 billion to send them all to school. Thats the same as the UK spends on health and beauty products in a single year.
I'd love to do something to help this, rather than sit in a bank wondering how to make rich people more money, albeit driving a Porsche and living in a trendy appartment. Religions are always arguing about the existance of their God and their God alone, and to get into heaven you must follow these rules and do say these words, blah blah blah… fuck that shit. Its about karma; you live a good life that changes the world for good or you live a bad life only interested in what you can get out of it. God, whatever form the sole source of light within all of us may take, will reward the good and punish the bad, regardless of what animals you ate or what colour/race/gender/sexuality you are. Organised religions can get off their soapboxes and take a fucking good luck at themselves. Sorry to offend anyone, if you have faith you are one of the lucky ones,; just use it for good and the good OF ALL.

Hmm. I appear to be rambling. Better get back on track.
I am the new commander in chief of Bandsoc. My president of vice is James Ellis of Interloper/The Carter ManHoover fame, my lovely Secretary is Miss Claire Bowden (I shall be expecting an intercom system to be installed by the time I get back, cups of tea on demand and 60 words per minute dictation skills!), Extortion and Rackeetering is the job of air guitar leg-end Casper, my chief publicist is Mr Ollie "X!" Curnick and the master of the digital domain is Pink Spider's "I dont care how much this guitar is worth, I'll still throw it around more than a drunken fat girl at a disco" Ya. We'll have a hard time topping last year, but I'm adamant we have an incredibly dedicated and passionate and above all absolutely fucking lovely group of people on the Exec this year. I'd give my spare kidney to any one of them.
I'm well looking forward to my term in office, there's some cool stuff in the pipeline like the tshirts, more free entry gigs planned for Surfers and the Bar, new equipment (drum rack ahoy!) and even possibly the purchase of an inflatable dragon mascot or an acre of Sweden. I personally would pledge £4.63 of my own money towards either.

I went to see the Mars Volta tonight- got there at 8.30pm and they'd already started, whoops. Apparently they'd started around 8pm. They wound up at about 10pm so we still got to see a good hour and a half. The Mars Volta are very subject to opinion; my housemate who I went with adores them, some people find them good in places but just a little bit weird and I know some people who just plain hate them. I've always thought they were pretty darn good and I'm also a big fan of ATD-I's work. Tonights performance was staggering; in the whole set the music never stopped. Cedric only spoke to the crowd once, to tell them that this country's media idols treat them like idiots feed them terrible music, which was met by cheering and applause. Their percussionists, the conga player inparticular, were out of this world. Cedric is such an amazing frontman, enigmatic, great voice and when he spazs out (which he only did 3 times) he spazs out hard! Their drummer is quite astounding too. It was quite a strange gig, lots of people just standing around transfixed and listening to the wondrous noises.There was some frantic activity at the front for some of the faster/heavier sections, but all in all it was wonderfully spaced out. Groovy man

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  1. Awesome work on the presidency!

    Those glow sticks really paid off.

    12 Mar 2005, 10:34

  2. Casper

    It's gonna be a pleasure working under you boss. The more and more I think about it, the happier I am you got the top spot and not me. Here's to a successful year!

    14 Mar 2005, 03:19

  3. Hey Boss-
    the union said there was no point having an intercom at either end of the table, but the tea and dictation I can do!!

    See you soon!

    Miss Bowden

    27 Mar 2005, 12:15

  4. Pablo

    Hehe you'll make me tea!?! You're a star, I love you!!

    Scrap the intercom system idea, I've invented something far cheaper and just as effective from just a piece of string and two tin cans.

    27 Mar 2005, 23:57

  5. Paul

    Oh right

    28 Oct 2005, 02:46

  6. Paul

    where are these glow sticks your chatting about then? I love glow sticks

    28 Oct 2005, 02:48

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