June 01, 2005

A cunningly devised ploy to get more people to look at my photos…

I've had my pbase account for a year and a half now, and in that time I've managed to fill it with 3500 photos of bands, hats, otters and the occassional attempt at what some might describe as photography. Alledgedly thev'e been viewed over 100,000 times. (And yet only 37 comments, 3 of which were insults.)

This simply won't do. There must be a better use for this vast resource of slightly blurred pictures of guitarists and prop-related shenanigans. Thankfully, funk house resident Ric Shelton has devised the following:

The Bandsoc Drinking Game !

You need:
1) Alcohol. Lots!
2) A computer + net access
3) for maximum fun (read, drinkage), be affiliated with bandsoc, pref in a band

Righty: the rules! First get your drinks sorted, then go to:

Everytime you refresh the page, you get 4 random photographs. Each time you refresh the page you start a new round of the game. Click on each pic in turn, and drink when any of the following are in one of the pics:

1 Finger (for each!) for

A Female
A member of a band who have won Botb

2 Fingers (again for each) for

Otter in glowstick ball
BandSoc Presidents (past & present)
A half-naked guy (either half is fine )
Swedish flag(s)

Consume for

Yourself performing
Your boyfriend/girlfriend/someone you've slept with

For health reasons, I recommend that Ollie or James from Interloper/TCM do not play hehe (Pablos collection is 50% Ollie, James also seems to come up loads).

If there's any disputes, everyone drinks. Peeps can refill between rounds. Enjoy!


I've not yet dare attempt this (a trip to the hospital tends to hamper revision somewhat) but it sounds like immensely drunken fun. For example, in 3 refreshes I've got:

Pablo (so thats myself, Pablo and president of Bandsoc all ticked)= 1 drink+4 fingers
Glowsticks= 1 finger
RichD of Replica X (winner of BotB)= 1 finger
Ollie x3 (who is also a winner of BotB)= 6 fingers

Total of 1 drink and twelve fingers.

Week 10 should be fun $:{o-

Please feel free to leave a comment on any of the photos!

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  1. just one thing m'dear, the link is wrong ;)

    01 Jun 2005, 17:10

  2. ooops.

    hasty use of edit function

    you were indeed correct, and I salute your astute observation.

    01 Jun 2005, 19:25

  3. Casper

    When are we going to play this? I vote for after the Coriander gig tomorrow!

    02 Jun 2005, 00:48

  4. Mmatthew

    Can You Get Your Photo

    23 Jun 2005, 00:33

  5. Mr Pablo…. Can I recommend this as a "you guys moving to North Leam initiation game"???

    Although…. i've just done two refreshes and would probably be dead/in A+E by now… still, everyone likes a challenge.

    Catchya later bill and ted.

    01 Jul 2005, 12:45

  6. Paaablo

    Yeah, two refreshes got me two full drinks and 13 fingers…

    However, we devised the Malmsteen drinking game the other night which is more fun and easier to follow; I'll post the rules up sometime soon

    01 Jul 2005, 23:50

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