I wish I was a Viking.

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About me


Hello, I’m Paul, though due to a large number of Paul’s in the social circles I keep everyone calls me by my college nickname of Pablo. Now follows a list of things I find interesting/inspiring/annoying/infuriating in the vain hope you can derive an idea of my personality from these meagre scraps of trivia.

I like:
-Music (any genre so long as it pleases my ears)
-My camera
-Bill Hicks
-Benicassim Festival (this summer shall be my 4th visit in as many years)
-when you ask someone how they are and they tell you how they’re really feeling; not just “yeah, not bad”: Its a sign you’ve earnt their trust as a friend and confidant. It’s inspiring.

I dislike:
- Big Brother- its not entertainment, its falsely validated voyeurism.
-whiney, self centred people (...he says typing about things he loves and hates. oh the irony, etc)
- people with no evident drive/fire/sparkle in their eyes/passion; the ones who appear to be just passing time whilst they wait for death. (Thats probably a little harsh, but hey, this is an opinion. Lets just call them THE BEIGE)
- bland, mindless, meaningless music (predominant in but not restricted to pop and R’n’B)
- the adoption of capitalist culture as a shining paradigm of all that we should be striving for- theres more to emotional fulfilment than fancy cars and healthy bank balances. “Stop putting fucking dollar signs over everything!”
- Organised religion. Sorry. I have faith, but I dont need people to tell me what to do with it. Or that I’m wrong and they’re right- thats just fucking arrogant.

Favourite colour: Cobalt Blue magic markers
Favourite album: Grace by Jeff Buckley. August and Everything After comes in second.
Tea or coffee?: Tea. Every time. Its awesome stuff. Besides, coffee tastes of ass.
Favourite book: I read far less than I really ought to given how much I actually enjoy it once I’m doing it. I’ve read most of the Discworld books, they’re ace. Outside of that, I loved the Rats of NIMH books as a young boy. I dare not read them again for fear of shattering my cherished childhood memories.

Thundercats or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?: Watching both recently I realised how sucky TMNT was- plot holes all over the shop and can you actually remember an instance when they actually had a proper fight with anyone? It doesnt actually happen. They usually kick over a couple of oil drums and make their escape. Rubbish. So its gotta be Thundercats; some excellent characters (Panthro, Tigra and Snarf all personally favourites) good character development, the cool as hell Thundertank and the is-there-anything-it-can’t-actually-do-should-the-plotline-demand-it magical, mystical Sword of Omens. Quality.