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October 26, 2006

Leicester e–learning events

Writing about web page

I’ve just received an email from Gilly Salmon’s PA at Leicester advertising the Learning Futures event in January ‘07. Looks as though it could be an interesting event – Warwick ought to send someone/some people, wouldn’t you think? I can forward the email to you if you’re interested.

October 04, 2006

what did i mean?

Follow-up to HEA York launch event from Pathfinder blog, University of Warwick

When I said we didn’t have the expertise, I meant particularly in the break-out group of four people who were discussing e-assessment. There were no doubt other people even at this event who know more than the four of us in some areas, so what eventually appears on the HE Academy’s pathfinder blog on the outcomes of that particular session should have the large caveat that it was the product of four brains, ably captured by Liz, but I don’t think we’d claim to be the national experts on the subject.

An issue that has come up a number of times at this event is the need for some sort of a nationally coordinated collecting point for existing and emerging research in e-pedagogy variously. The HEA are talking about setting up an observatory function to do this – which sounds like a grand plan to me.

October 03, 2006

HEA York launch event

Congratulations to the HE Academy for arranging the launch event for the Pathfinder programme in a hotel which provides wireless broadband – it means I can blog as we go along! I know Jay has been taking notes on her PDA, so she will probably be uploading them in due course. But this for the final session this afternoon we were in different groups – Jay went to the one on CPD and Staff Development, while I went to the one on e-assessment.

The idea of these break-out discussions was to help the Academy identify gaps in their provision or opportunities to provde targeted support for Pahtfinding institutions, as well as a chance for us to talk amongst ourselves about our challenges and the like. As you’d expect, we talked through a number of issues – how e-assessment links with assessment more broadly, how and why we assess, how electronic methods can help students to learn better and staff teach better and so on. Questions of whether there is enough support “out there” (research into e-assessment, resources and advice from the Academy including the subject centres, other sources of good practice and so on) were more difficult for our small group to answer – we just don’t have the expertise which others in our Pathfinder teams do. The joys of specialisation.

You might like to look at Trevor Hawkes’s blog – he’s leading a project on CAA (computer-aided assessment) across Warwick’s Faculty of Science

It’s been useful to talk to people from other Pathfinder institutions and I think some of us will certainly keep in touch on particular issues, as well as scanning each other’s blogs from time to time.

What else from today? I gave a brief overview of our project this morning and I got a giggle when I described our e-learning as “managed diversity” – a giggle of recognition, I think/hope. Jay wonders whether we might more usefully aim towards “nurtured diversity”.

And the wikipedia entry on mind maps is apparently rather good, with some pretty pictures too:

I’ll check it out in due course.

September 29, 2006

Starting Pathfinder

John Dale, Jay Dempster and I had a useful discussion yesterday about our Workpackage plan for the Pathfinder project. When it’s finalised, I’ll publish it on the Pathfinder page on the TQ website.
One of the issues of having a Workpackage plan, where each package is by definition clearly distinguishable from all other workpackages in the programme, is developing and maintaining the rich links between them. One of the packages is Evaluation, which clearly links to all the others, so that shouldn’t be a problem, but we have to be careful that some of the others (e.g. expansion of the WELA programme, development of materials in different departments, preparation of the physical space in the Library for pathfinder activities) don’t end up as discrete projects. It’s a real test for our “managed diversity” model, and addressing issues around communication, dissemination and coordination is one of the challenges at the heart of our Pathfinder programme.

and there's more

Writing about web page /elbench/entry/e-learning_website/

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The TQ website has an e-learning page as well – TQ e-learning page – but this is one of many pages on our site that I see as re-directing people to the relevant expert sites. One of the features of Warwick’s administration is that there is still a significant cadre of generalists, who can in theory manage/administer anything in the University. Clearly we come into each position with particular experiences, skills and interests, and develop those in line with the needs of the job, but I would not claim to be an e-learning expert in anything like the same way as many others in the University indisputably are. So I see part of my role being to direct people to those who are experts – and our webpages are part of that. The more links and the less replication the better!

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