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February 24, 2006

Progress report

  1. The timetable we're working to is submission to OBHE by 20 April. This is three days after Easter Monday. Therefore we should aim to have the document and supporting documents finalised prior to the bank holiday period.

  2. So we'll aim to have the draft documentation finalised by the end of March for Sections B and C, leaving a few days for Section D.

  3. That gives us a little over six weeks to draw the documentation together and draft the narrative.

  4. The completion of the documentation should be produced with representation from e-Lab, CAP, TQ and the Library. Overall responsibility for coordinating the documentation will rest with Julian Moss.

  5. Named individuals or pairs from the main group should take the lead in the completion of particular sections. This will entail finding evidence/ documentation and drafting the narrative. The main group may wish to suggest other named individuals who could be approached to assist each sub-group in their area, either through meetings or the provision of information.

  6. Work in progress from the sub-groups should be fed back to, and considered by, the main group at relevant intervals. Given the six week period, this could either be by way of three meetings at two-week intervals or two meetings at three-week intervals.

  7. We'll aim to schedule the remaining visits by Alan Schofield to take place two or three days after the meeting of the main group.

  8. Although work in progress on particular sections will be considered by the main group, a wider constituency should be asked to consider the drafts. This would include, for example, Faculty IT committee chairs and e.g. members of our e-learning steering group.

Suggested division of labour:

B1, Environmental Scan: Darren Wallis & Julian Moss

B2, Mission: Darren Wallis & Natalie Snodgrass

B3, Drivers: E-mailed to QEWG/ e-LSHG members 23/02/06 for wider consideration

B4-B5, Overview Stats: Darren Wallis & Julian Moss, with assistance from Academic Office colleagues

B6, Academic Activity: John Dale

B7, Financial expenditure: Darren Wallis & Julian Moss, with assistance from Finance Office colleagues

B8, Estimate of e-learning activity: John Dale

B9, Tools: John Dale

C1, Strategy development: Darren Wallis & John Dale

C2, Management of e-learning: John Dale & Jay Dempster, with support from Library colleagues

C3, E-learning delivery: John Dale & Julian Moss, plus TQ & CAP colleagues

C4, Resources and value for money: Julian Moss & John Dale & Jay Dempster with support from Finance Office colleagues

C5, E-learning and students: Julian Moss with colleagues from the Academic Office, plus Rob Johnson, Roberta Wooldridge-Smith, Jane Abson

C6, E-learning and staff: CAP colleagues and Personnel colleagues

C7, Collaboration: Julian Moss, consulting with CLL and members of CFDLSC, WMG, IoE, WMS, WBS

C8, Communications, evaluation and review: Jay & Graham with Julian Moss & Darren Wallis

D, Commentary and self-review: Julian Moss, John Dale & Jay Dempster. This needs to come after other sections have been completed.

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