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September 11, 2006

A home for idle people

Writing about web page

idlerStumbled upon this completely at random during a slow day at work. Not really had time to get to grips with it fully yet, but have a look: it’s crying out as an untapped resource for people who like setting aside a sizeable chunk of their day to be placid and do very little. So basically, students (What? Some stereotypes are there to be perpetuated – it’s a vicious cycle). Especially if you’re a student who has enough time to be looking at this blog.

It’s an online magazine, with some nice articles, interviews (including one with Michael Palin) and a random spread of interesting, idler-friendly events, all of which is distinctly UK in flavour (it always goes down smooth).

Go forth, and idle.

Nuru Kane – Sigil

Writing about web page

4 out of 5 stars

Nuru Kane is a Senegalese musician, who encompasses and incorporates both North African and West African influences in his songs. To be honest, this means very little to me at the moment (my interest is still developing), but this album has inspired me to find out more. It’s predominantly an acoustic offering, but one with plenty of variation: sometimes it’s bluesy and chilled, other times tribal and invigorating. I really found myself listening to the lyrics on Sigil, which is all the more impressive because none of them are English. Maybe that was just me trying to test my rusty GCSE French, but more likely it’s simply because Kane’s quietly intense vocals and instrumentation commanded my attention for the entire album (which clocks in at a fairly hefty total playing time of 62.13 minutes) . Definitely worth checking out. Now I just need to find out when he’s next playing the UK…

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