October 09, 2004

The Scariest Thing

I'm sure every reader has their own individual phobia.
I wonder what's coming into your minds… Spiders? Heights? No?

You may laugh when i tell you mine but i stand by it…
Personally, I can't think of anything scarier than the News.
I can promise you all you'll never watch anything more terrifying on the TV.
It is my most profound fear and continues to be almost every day.
Yesterday, I felt it as strong as ever.
Ken Bigley (British Iraqi Prisoner) fought for his life for 3 weeks and finally lost it yesterday. He shared the same fate as his two American friends. And the whole thing was filmed. His family have seen it as confirmation.

I write about it but I think it's probably best not to think about.

My tip to you? Only watch the news if you think you can take it.
It really does make me feel unimaginably lucky and I'm going to enjoy today if only because I'm still luckier enough to have it.

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  1. For the first time I ever read someone’s article, I really like your poem!
    I must say you are a genius in poem writing, since I can never rhyme a poem… and hope it is not too late “to meet you and greet you”.

    And for the second time I read someone’s article, it was your article again. The scariest thing… um… yeah, spiders and heights are quite terrifying, plus all other insects and snake, etc. But News is also terrifying! Fortunately I don’t have TV licence…

    Anyway, you might wonder why I add these comments after 3 months they have been posted, um… since I handed in all course works today (organic + thermodynamic + two lab reports + IT) and I got nothing to do at the moment…

    But not true, I was thinking and wondering physical lecture this afternoon. How come you receive chocolate and flowers from that Jupiter guy? (sorry I wasn’t paying attention, I was writing my lab report and they just suddenly came in) It was so interesting, and also romantic, perhaps you are just too charming and deserve the presents!

    Anyway, happy valentines day!

    14 Feb 2005, 20:37

  2. O… it has almost been a week! (you haven’t replied)
    You shouldn’t remind me :) I’ll now check regularly!

    And I just noticed that your hair is not as usual as before.
    It’s kind of… in different color, isn’t it!?
    What have you done with your hair??
    (Just a bit curious)
    Ignore me if it hasn’t changed color.

    By the way, are you interested in orchestra?
    There will be a performance called 1812 overture in March.
    (written by Tchaikovsky.)
    I’ll definitely go. (its one of the symphonies that don’t make people fall asleep)
    I would be grateful if you can join!
    But if you’re not interested, just ignore me again.

    ok… looking forward to your reply… and wish you have another great week!

    21 Feb 2005, 21:16

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