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February 18, 2012

Me as a follower in the last exercise

IT was the last day of the LE module and we had another learning game. I held my self back from being the leader as I wanted to play the role of the follwer and see how I would perform.

Things were at a stage were the team had almost hit a dead end. Everybody was giving suggestion (including me) and the leader was feeling the strees. I found myself doing nothing and thought of helping the team by going to the co-ordinator and getting some doubts clarified. During the breifing (after the exercise), the team informed me that I should have asked the leader before I went to the co-ordinator. BUt I was acting (in my mind) in the benifit of the team. While the team was aprissing me, I was thinking how do I feel when one of my subordinates goes direct to my senior and does not inform me about it - I feel bad. May be that subordinate is acting for the benifit of the team.

I think by not being the leader I did the right thing as I learnt what I wanted to.

Leasons learnt:

1. Always take care that your actions do not hurt (unknowingly) anyone's feelings - even if you think you are acting in the benifit of that person or team.

2. I should not feel bad if any of my subordinates goes direct to my senior - he may be acting in the intrests of the team.

3. For a team to be successful there should be free communication and Synergy between the leader and team members.

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