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March 13, 2012

Leadership is not easy

With leadership comes great responsibilities.

One has to change in many ways in order to be a good leader ( I mean at the personnel level). The personnel qualities of a person have to improve inorder for him to be a good leader. Good lisetening skills, controlled temperamnet, people hadeling, control over what you say etc., are just a few areas that a person has to improve if he wants to be a good leader.

Unfortunately I have learned this the hard way, that is by making big mistakes. It did hurt (badly) when I realized what had gone wrong, but the positive was I learned and am now in the right track.

What is important to remember is that a true leader is one that sticks to the correct way and does not go back to his old ways at times of crises or pressure.

February 15, 2012

Do we carry dead wood or do we get rid of them?

A good leader will have a regular interaction with his team (at all levels). He will be well aware of the performance level of almost everyone in his team. He should not have to wait till the end of the year or till the situation becomes very bad, before he talks to the person whose performance is below par. A leader has to work on the principle of continuous performance Management.

The person with the low performance should always be given to improve. Give him the training he needs to improve. Try and understand the reasons behind his poor performance - does he have the skills for the work given to him, is he interested in the work given to him, is he having some personnel problems that are disturbing him..........etc. There could be various reasons - try to find them and remove them.

However there are certain people who will not improve how much every you try to help them improve. There is a limit to how much you can do. These people you have to remove or shift them over to the least important.

My personnel take on this is:I think firing any one is the worst thing i have to ever to do in my professional life. Because by firing a person it is not only that person who is effected, but also his family and all those who are dependent upon him (financially and emotional) are effected tremendously. Having said that being a leader I also have to keep the overall performance of the team in mind. I am going to try Continous Performance management more sincerely.

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