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January 29, 2012

Actual implimentation of the learnings

I have been sponsored by my company to do the MBEa programme from Warwick university and when you are sponsored the pressure to deliver after completion of the programme is tremendous - I am facing the same situation as my programme comes nearer to the end.

The management has asked me to implement Lean manufacturing in the unit I am working in, and after that the learning's are to be horizontally deployed in the other units of the group.

To be honest - I AM SCARED ! But as I started to write my PMA for the PIUSS module I have started gaining confidence and I think by the time I am over with my desertation, I will have something to show to my Chairman.

January 25, 2012

Why do we need systems like Lean / Six Sigma?

Why do we need Lean or Six Sigma? Is it not our job to have minimum wastage and produce the correct product all the time? Why do we need special systems to tell us what we have to do?

Why dont we leave the taps runinning at home or why do we not leave the lights all the time at home? What I am trying to bering forward is that why are we disciplined at our own houses and not be the same at the work place?

May be we humans are like this - we keep saying do not tell lies and keep doing it at the same time !

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